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I was a preschool teacher for almost 20 years. I had lots of wonderful experiences. I have now been a 911 dispatcher for 6 yrs now.I love animals,small towns, good food ,karaoke, baseball and walking around our local zoo. Makes me feel at home,lol. I live and breathe scrapbooking and my two adult sons. They really are what is most important in my life.

Friday, December 30, 2005

H is for

Honey Hot Wings- from Native New Yorker. They are really the best. I do not like ranch so I can't eat hot or suicide or whatever, plus I am a HUGE whimp.
Hobbling- I am hobbling around today, I have pain in my knee.
hobbies- scrapbooking, gardening, homemaking
homesteading wannabe- I am working toward being more self sufficient and good to the earth. We have chickens and ducks, I compost and recycle. My goals are to have more animals, plant a veggie garden and fruit trees. I also cook from scratch most often.
helpful- I try to be as helpful to other people as much as possible.
honest- I work really hard at being honest w/ myself. I am honest w/ others easily.
houseplants- I used to have quite a collection, and now I am getting a few started again. I enjoy them.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

G is for

Gross- teenage boys are gross.
goofy- teenage boys are goofy.
Glass- I like cobalt blue glass.
gravy and biscuts- my ds's favorite breakfast that I make.
grass- even though I live in the desert I love to see green grass.
grenadine- I like to make shirley temples!
george forman- I love my george forman grill.
garden- I love to garden. My garden is mostly flowers, and herbs. I can not physically do everything I want to do, so sometimes gardening frustrates me.
goals- I am a goal oriented person, and a list maker.

Monday, December 26, 2005

a few holiday questions

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog? I like both, but I would choose hot chocolate usually.
Does Santa wrap the presents or just set them under the tree? He used to wrap but now he doesn't anymore.
Colored or white lights on the tree/house? Blue
Do you hang mistletoe?-sometimes
When do you decorate? the friday after thanksgiving
What is your favorite holiday dish? the ham,lol
Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve? yes, the jammies and then everyone can choose one.
What kind of cookies do you set out for Santa on Christmas Eve? We used to set out sugar cookies.
Snow! Love it or hate it? hate
Can you ice skate? no way
What is your favorite Christmas Carol? The Little Drummer Boy
Are they fake or real? Er, I mean...What type of tree? Fake

Saturday, December 24, 2005


is for-
four- the number of people in my immediate family.
family- I have a dh, and two ds's.
freezer- I got a new deep freezer this year and love how much money I can save at the store, and how much easier feeding those two teenage boys has been.
fresh herbs- I love to grow mint, sage, basil and parsley.
fantasies- I love to daydream about winning the lottery and what I would like to do outside on my property.
fragrance- my favorite is warm vanilla sugar from bath and body works
freecycle- a wonderful "thing". I have both given and recieved items on my local freecycle group.
friends- I love my friends, my irl and my online friends. I just recently started making friends. I hooked up w/ my exdh when I was 15. I allowed him to become the center of my universe. After my divorce, I was really busy raising my two ds's. I really like that I have taken the time/effort to make friends.
fried chicken- one of my most requested dinners. Pretty good if I do say so myself

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Eeyore- " Thanks for noticing me"

Enter- most used space on my keyboard,lol.

Easy- life is not easy

Eating-I love pizza, onion rings, hot dogs and dark chocolate.

Earrings- have to be at least 14 K gold or I get a horrible rash

Eyes- blue w/ little yellow specks in them

Emu- I want one, dh says no way. I had the chance to get a flock of 5 for free but dh would have nothing to do w/ it.

Escape- in the computer or in my scraproom

Excercise- with the exception of gardening and housekeeping, I do not excercise. My motto is " No pain, no pain"

Excessive- I drink an excessive amount of chocolate diet cokes from Sonic.

Excellent- Josh says I am an excellent mom, scrapbooker, and cook.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

D is for

Dork- I am a dork. I cry at movies, commercials, any sort of sappy stuff.
Dina- my sister, three years younger, also a teacher.
Dianna- my best online friend. She is just super, always there for me.
Denim- my favorite fabric. Practical, goes w/ everything.
Direct TV- I don't watch a lot of TV but I am sure glad I have it.
Dining room- my whole dining room is filled w/ old stuff I love. The table was my parents first table, and one of the chairs is marred by my booster seat. I can not imagine eating anywhere else. My china cabinet is actually my bedroom furnature as a girl, the dresser/hutches.
Ducks- my favorite farm animal. I just love our 5 ducks and this spring I will probably get a few more.
Dogs- my favorite "inside" animal. Chows are my favorite breed. I love them for their loyalty, and because they are less "dog-like" than other dogs.
Dude- Joel's bassett hound

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

C is for-

Children- mine, other people's, I love children. I love to look at this world throug their eyes.
Chickens-I have 10. We do not butcher them( guess I am a city girl still,lol) but I love the chickens, and the eggs. Nothing tastes like farm fresh eggs.
Coffee- I do not like black coffee, but I like sweet coffee drinks.
Computer- I was so resistant to start using it and was practically forced to in my last job, but now I can not imagine life w/o it.
Chat- I love going to chat, and my friends from chat. Again, I would be really sad to give that up.
Clue- I love playing Clue w/ my kids.
Crock Pot-my favorite kitchen appliance. I am using it today!
Cougars- my kids' school mascot! Go Cougars!!!
Chris- my DH
Checkerboard- my favorite pattern

Monday, December 19, 2005

the letter B

B is for-
Boys- I have the blessing of being mom to the two best boys in the world.
As a preschool teacher, the naughty, ornery boy was my favorite to teach.I loved the challenge, I loved their curiosity.
Blessings- I have so many. My family, my friends, my home, my car, we eat good food every day. We have access to good medical care, I have a hobby I love, and so does each member of my family.
bath and body works- warm vanilla sugar
bread machine- love to make rolls, and warm pretzels.
baby animals- aren't they cute??
baskets- I love baskets!
butter- real butter, no margerine here!!
bassett hounds- joels favorite dog

I also wanted to blog a bit about my dh. This is the one year anniversary of his heart surgery.
After an average weekend morning of yardwork, chores ect, my dh came in and ate lunch. Shortly after that, we came home from picking up a fish tank for my youngest ds. My dh was helping carry it in and he said he needed to rest. I thought he was messing around w/ me because he was not really in favor of this fish tank. He sat down, and drank some water, and told me he was really having trouble. I went and sat next to him, and he was very clammy and agitated. We called an ambulance, and they rushed him to our local hospital.
There, they were monitoring him because his symptoms were indicitive of either a heart attack or a diabetic shock. Every test was normal though, and my dh was still in extreme pain, and said he could not see. They decided to do a CAT scan to see if there was any damage to the aorta.Bingo.
He had an ascending aortic dissection ( a tear in the upper aorta). You have three walls to the vessel, and two were split. If the third splits, he dies immediately. This is the condition that killed John Ritter, and I firmly believe that his death brought awareness to this condition, that was formerly not even thought about in emergency rooms since it is fairly rare.
He was airlifted to University Medical Center, which is one of two heart hospitals in our state. The hospital is about an hr from our local hospital. My mom and dad met me, for my dad to take the boys, and for my mom to come with me.
My dh "refused" to go into surgery until I could tell him that is what he should do. His wonderful, wonderful icu nurse hooked up a phone so he could talk to me. He does not remember the flight or my phone call, but he agreed to go into surgery w/o me being there.I got there about an hour after they started the surgery.
We waited anxiously during the 6 hr surgery. His nurse came out occasionally to let us know how it was going.
His doctor, who we later learned was the top heart surgeon in this state, came out later to tell us " Your husband almost died but he is fine now" LOL- that was all he had to say.
A few hours later they let us see him, and then they said that they would be keeping him sedated the rest of the day and night. My mom and I went home so I could get my meds and to make further arrangements.
His recovery took a long time, much longer than we had expected. He almost died twice more, and was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. He got a nasty bacterial infection and it was just yukky all around. He had the best care imaginable,and everyone at the hospital, from the cafeteria employees, the houskeeping staff, to the doctors were all helpful and extrememly kind.
He came home on New Years day, and he still does not remember most of the first two weeks at home( due to pain meds). He was off work for 3 more months, and then went back PT, and eventually back to full time. We have had a very tough time financially this year ( nothing like being out of work and having extensive medical bills to do that to a one income family,lol), but I still feel like his care was a bargin, and that we are so blessed to all still be here this year.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

a little idea I saw on another blog

Every day she chooses a letter and does this:
A is for:
Arthritis- life changing. Good ways and bad. I think I will do a longer entry about that one day.
Animals- I love animals, all kinds.
Apples- Granny Smith and MacIntosh are my favorites.
Acetaminophen- my best friend,lol.
A&E- love cold case files
Albertsons- one of my favorite grocery stores

Saturday, December 17, 2005

my guys

Ok, I have never put a photo in my blog before, so this is really an experiment,lol. This photo is of my sons, looking out at Sunset Point. Sunset Point is a really beautiful place between Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ. Kinda hokey, for us natives, but I guess I had never pulled off the highway to let my ds's see this before. I think I will stop again in the spring, when everything will be so much greener.
Today is the first time in 3 months that I have had the house to myself for the day, I am looking forward to that! I plan to do some decluttering, and some resting, and some scrapping. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am really getting frustrated w/ people lately. Well, not just people, but PEOPLE,lol. People who are responsible to me, or to my kids, and who are shirking their responsiblities. They have a lot of nerve, then, to tell me that I am either A) a crappy mom or B) such a good mom, that is why they can be so darn irresponsible.
I am ticked off at my DH too, because he has really gotten lazy and unmotivated. I don't have enough energy to pick up his slack.He really seems to feel that he should be able to go to work and then, do nothing else ever. I know we all need relaxing and down time, but I did not mean to marry the poster child of it,lol.
I was watching outlaws on CMT today, I guess I still have a thing for the bad boys,lol. I loved it!!
I got a wonderful surprise in my email today, so I am trying to cheer myself up w/ the GC that I recieved,lol.
I have scrapped a little every day for the last 3 days. I have finished 2 LO's and partly finished another. I feel good about that.
I am still plugging away at my mini album, too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

in and out, in and out

That is my life these days, letting the dogs in, letting them out. Over and over. I always teased my dad, for doing this w/ his dogs and now karma has come back to bite me, and HARD!
Today, Josh says he needs to get back to drinking enough water. I asked him, how do you know you have not been drinking enough, and he said
" My pee is too yellow" LOL. I guess he listens to me about something.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

getting cold here!

We are having frost warnings now, after having shorts weather last week,lol. What a switch!
This saturday is our cities electric light parade, but we will be at the can't miss it for anything football banquet. I hope that kid knows I love him,lol.
I started a new mini simple scrapbooks type album I am kind of excited about. I found these adorable mini albums at the dollar store, and they hold 36 4x6 pgs. I bought 20 of them ( do you think that is excessive?) as a plan to use them for gifts next year and for some of the mini album ideas I have been planning on doing.
for the first one, I took 35 pics of "It's a good thing", ya know, things that I think are good things. This album is just mostly going to be photos, with thin strips to tell what the pic is of. I decided to do pages that would require journaling in my bom. Then I am going to journal at the end, on the last page.
anyway, I am off to hop in the shower and get into some sweats w/ a mug of joe.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

and we're off

our family is headed to northern az this weekend.It is going to be really cold, but I am looking forward to it.
The guys are going to golf a little bit ( just the driving range) and I brought some chick flicks for my mom and I. I also brought all our adam sandler movies,lol.
I am taking my qvc card kit, so I can do something creative while my mom is sewing. The boys are really looking forward to it.
I submitted a BUNCH of baby pages for a MM call, hopefully one gets picked up, it has been a long dry spell,lol.

Monday, November 14, 2005

nothing new

going on around here,lol. Same ol same ol.
I have been glued to my TV here, watching some of the most awful news stories.
First there's the double murder at a Subway resturant. This resturant is a mile and a half from where I used to live, before moving here. This is now the most violent precinct in my state. It has more than double the murders than any other precinct and tons more burglaries etc.
Anyway, two 17 yr old boys, athletes, good students and hard workers were killed while they closed up this resturant. It started as an armed robbery, and ended with both of them dead. To make it even worse, the killers were three students from the same high school as the victims. They were 16, 15 and 15. How does this happen? Sixty dollars. Wow, just wow.
The news of two pedophiles broke today. One a psychiatrist, one a 17 yr old boy, whose mom ran an in home daycare. One of his victims was 8 months old.
Last night, two girls who were swimming in a canal drowned. They were 3 and 8 yrs old.
Carjackings, and even the newest thing, car surfing. Getting on top of the car while it is moving. That has killed two people here in the last 6 months.
It all gets to me, but the subway deal just really tugs at my heart. All teenagers. All of their lives ended. For nothing. How did we get here? What can we do? How can it end?
I don't share a popular opinon on this, but I do not believe in young people being charged or treated as adults. They aren't. Their is more than enough evidence that their brains are not fully developed. Our society does not treat them as adults in any other way, why? Because they are not adults.
Arizona is a perfect example of how this is not working, and how we punish adults is not working. I do not have all the answers, and it is something I do struggle with. Our state spends tons of money on jails, prisons, prosecutors. Less on education, less on social services. Where does that leave us? Dead last on every list. Lowest drop out rates? not AZ, we are 50th. Infant mortality rates? we are in the low 40's. We were recently ranked the "stupidest " state in the union. Great, just great.
I just think we need to really look at this, but I don't see that happening in my lifetime. We will continue to spend money after the fact on bandaids.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

tomorrows plans

Well, today was the end......... of the 05 football season. We had a great season.
Today during the boys' practice I went to the grocery store and bought all of the boys' favorite microwave ( aka crap) food.We went to the cheapie movie rental place and rented 4 movies. Then, we came home, cleaned the house and went on "vacation" no one is doing anything the rest of the weekend!!! I am soooooooooo excited.The boys and I are going to stay home, eat junk and watch movies. I am also going to scrap.
Dh is excited too, he is going to play golf for his birthday, with his friend Frank. He is going to be taking off w/ the car, so I planned a neat day w/ the boys so we would forget we were stuck w/o a car,lmbo.
I found the greatest mini album at the dollar tree, bought one, to see if I would really like it. Well, I love them, I am going to go back and buy some more. My first project is going to be a "its a good thing" album, w/ pics and journaling about things that I really like. ( of course my chocolate diet coke from sonic will make the first page,lmbo.I am going to pick some up for some more mini albums I have been wanting to do and some extras for gift ideas for next year.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


but doing ok.
I called the good ol mental health provider today, I think I need to talk to someone about some stressors that I have in my life. I have gone a couple of times in my life, once when I had a miscarriage and once right before I got divorced from my kids dad. It was very helpful and I am sure it will be again.
I love Sonic commercials almost as much as I love Sonic.The new one about the extra long cheese coneys and tots. "Go ahead and get the drink then" lmbo.
I took pictures of sonic today, I am going to do a scrapbook page about it. I know that sounds wierd, but it is something I love so it is going into my BOM.
Joel is really giving me a hard time about his license. I just do not think he is quite ready. Closer, yes but not ready.
Well, before I put us both to sleep............. night.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

just a day

Chris really stepped up today, it was great. I needed to finish some things for a swap( had to go to the LSS, an hour away, and work there) Joel needed to go to the mall (with him, need/want to go to the mall is about the same thing,lmbo) Chris dropped me off at the LSS and took the boys to the mall. They had a really good time, and came back and picked me up. It was really nice for me not to have to handle all of that by myself.
We are going to have a great dinner, steaks on the george forman and baked potatoes. Easy, quick but oh so good dinner. It is starting to get cooler( like 85,lol) at night now so we can eat soup. I have been hankering soup for a few weeks, and am going to make a lot of crock pot soups this fall/winter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

on a mission

I have been on a mission for the past few months to declutter. To get rid of stuff.
I have spent the last 22 years collecting stuff. Stuff for my dream house. Stuff for my home. Stuff for my kids. Stuff for teaching and stuff for crafts.
I am a bargin hunter, so I got a great deal on all this stuff. My kids have become bargin hunters too, so they have been collecting too,lol.
This week, I filled our trash can completely full, two days before they are coming to pick up trash. I have been to goodwill twice. I was able to control myself while in the thrift store too,lol. ( Lets not bring home MORE clutter,lmbo.)
Now that I am pretty much set, I feel like this is "it", I am not moving again, stuff that I have been collecting either has a place or it doesn't. That has been helpful in getting rid of stuff. I have( so far) not been sad about anything I have thrown or given away. No regrets.
I am trying to donate everything that could possibly have a use, or recycle it, and only throw away absolute junk.I am not a big fan of throwing away stuff, adding to the landfill problem.
That is why, normally, we have just one bag of trash a week. Our paper/cardboard is either recycled, used as weed barrier or composted. Our food scraps are either composted or fed to our animals. Pretty much the only trash we have is plastic stuff. I feel good about that!
I have a loooooong way to go.
I am the only one on board here, still after 2 or 3 months. My dh will not get rid of one thing. Shirts that he has not worn in the entire 8 years that I have known him. Shirts that are too small and are missing more buttons than are there.
My kids will get rid of clothes that do not fit them anymore, but that is about it. Joel refuses to get rid of any toy that he has ever touched.
It's ok, one day at a time,lol.
Josh's x-box broke yesterday. That really stinks.
I shopped for some more landscape plants today, spent 20 bucks and got quite a few things. Josh and I are going to get them planted tomorrow.
Gonna sign off for now.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

it is fixed!

My computer is fixed woo hoo!
Tonight is a football game, we are predicted to win-woo hoo!My parents are coming, that is always fun.
Today we got a lot of errands done, hopefully tomorrow will be an easy day. I want to scrap!
I have some housework to get done- see ya.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

oh crap

Well, my computer is not fixed, not exactly sure what is going on, but it may be the keyboard. I got a new one and when I get home I am going to see if that is what is up. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

hanging in here............

We have beeng getting some wild storms the past couple of days. We lost power yesterday.
I also thought that there was something wrong w/ my computer, so I took it in and of COURSE, just like taking your car to the mechanic, it is not doing it for him,lol. Well, good news is it did not cost anything, hopefully when I get it home it will work. ( I am at a friends now, waiting on Joel to get done w/ football practice.
My friend Kristie is in the hosptial. She had a horrible kidney infection and had to be admitted. She is not enjoying her stay, but she looks better today. I hope that they are able to send her home tomorrow, so she can rest,lol.
I made her a homemade card, she really enjoyed it. She will be on the list for future homeade projects,lol.
Having trouble w/ my ex again. Mostly financial, although he has stopped calling and seeing the boys. That lasted a whole 5 months this time. Ugh.
My dh and I also got into it because he keeps saying " I don't want to hear it" when I try to vent to him about either my ex or a girlfriend that is kind of driving me crazy. I told him that I should always be able to talk to him about anything. He said he doesn't really mean he doesn't want to hear it. I asked him what he really means, and he explained that I tell him the same old thing over and over and he does not want to hear it. LOL I said, well, sounds like you don't want to hear it, and that is what you are saying and that is what you mean. I don't agree w/ having off limit topics w/ your spouse, and it is bothering me a lot, especially w/ me feeling so lonely lately. I might try that on him, next time he goes on and on about one of his tv shows or a problem from work that I don't particularly care about. I am not much for games, but sometimes it is the only thing he understands.
My mom has those off limit topics w/ me too, w/ regards to my ex. That really frustrates me. It makes me feel alone and like I can not count on these people when I need them. I am going to be pissed off if I have to pay a damn therapist to vent about my ex to,lol. I can not change the situation. It is what it is. I handle it the best I can, and I am raising his children w/o help. But sometimes, I need to vent a little and say things that are not nice. I don't drink or smoke. I can not get lost in the pain that way. I need to talk a little. Sorry to be such a burden to everyflippinone.
Wow, I did not realize how pissed off I was when I started this entry. I honestly could not figure out what I was going to talk about,lol.
I told Chris last night that I was going to count my blessings, because that is usually what brings me out of a funk. I did not do that today, so I will do that here and then close.
1. My parents are a great source of comfort. I will never starve, be homeless or face adversity alone as long as they are on this earth.
2. My kids are healthy, and they are not missing.
3. We will eat dinner tonight, and everyone in my family likes what we are having.
4. I am thankful for my car, even though I spent way too much time today in it,lol.
5. I am thankful for sonic drinks.
6.I was thankful nothing is wrong w/ my computer.
7. I am thankful for having the medication I need.
8. I am thankful for this blog, it sure helped me out today....

Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, my lss class was a success, and they think I am God's gift to scrapbooking,lol. Neat to have some validation.
Chris is back to pissing me off, he just doesn't get it. I want him to spend time w/ me and spend time as a family. He always has an excuse, and I am tired of them.
I overdid it today, and am already sore,lol better slow down. I did some freezer cooking, made the "guts" of 4 apple pies-yum!
I have a big important meeting tomorrow afternoon, if you are reading, keep me in your thoughts please.
I scrapped Joel's 16th birthday today. Man, 16. What is Joel doing at 16? Learning to drive, playing football, taking AP classes. Eating like there is no tomorrow, or even later today. Taking his pre sat test tomorrow.
What was I doing at 16? It was 1983 and I was boy crazy as all get out. I was dating my future DH, Joel and Josh's dad. I was in marching band, and putting as little effort as possible into passing my classes even though I was very bright. I was not really interested in driving yet, I was kinda scared, plus my boyfriend wanted to take me everywhere,lol. I ate pizza, french fries and diet coke every day at my HS cafeteria for 2.00. I worked at a preschool after school for 3 hrs a day, and usually had something to do at night. I was either babysitting, having youth group at church or marching band. I guess Joel comes by being busy honestly.

Friday, October 07, 2005

title schmitle

I got sidetracked from talking to my friend, and prolly won't talk to her now. I have a few issues on my plate right now and have no time to worry about anyone else,lol.
It is easier NOT to think about her while I am being busy, so it is not on my mind as much.
It is still hot here in az, going to wear shorts to the football game tonight.
It is our HS's homecoming today, and the dance is tomorrow. Joel is taking a girl, he is being so secretive about her, kinda funny. I asked his friend about her and he would not spill.
I love the internet. I liked my life before I had a computer. I was busy, and fufilled. Now I can not imagine a day w/o it. Even when Chris was in the hospital, I did not go more than 3 days w/o checking email, checking my favorite message boards, or looking up information on what they were telling me about Chris.
Today, I looked up directions, information on parenting teens, and of course checked my email, sent some emails and checked the favorite message boards. Tomorrow I will pay some bills online, without having to drive all over, or even use a stamp. I am still technologically impaired but I have learned enough to help myself out,lol.
I am teaching a class at my lss tomorrow, hoping it is a full house ( I am paid by the participant,lol).

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have some goals for this week.
1) organize planner and write mission statement
2) organize freezer and fridge-don
e3) work on scrap area - done, but in progress
4) journal the 3 layouts that are sitting here-done
5) get at least one box to goodwill-done
6) plant flowers in wheelbarrow
7) research scrapbook class ideas/compensation - started
8) transplant plant in bathroom
9) clean off back deck and water plants, get ready for fall annuals-done
10) finish cleaning and organizing potting area

LOL that is just to remind myself of "the list"
tomorrow JOsh has a home game YEAH! I did not go last week because their game was 2 hrs away. I am not liking this new district one bit,lol.
I am such a pack rat. Well, I was. And now that I want to stop,lol I am a bit overwhelmed. I just try to do some each day, and I guess that is how it all got here, so hopefully that is how it will all get out of here.
I am really frustrated with a friend of mine. I feel horribly guilty about being frustrated. Why do I judge her? Why do I hold her to a higher standard than someone I don't know? Why do I understand these traits in my son, but not in her, for example?
She moved, without thinking about the effects on her small children. She decided not to change their schools, so now they (9 and 7) ride ONE bike to school, crossing several major streets. After school they ride to the old apt complex and "hang out" until she gets off of work. She does that because the new complex does not allow children on the playground w/o adult supervision and the old complex does not have that rule. What if they need to use the restroom? What if they hurt themselves? She said I am always negative.
Then, she changed jobs, because she hated her other one. Fine, but you were off early and had summers off. Now she started her new job and she hates it because she has to work late DUH!
And this boyfriend situation is beyond frustrating. She keeps breaking up and getting back together with him.The kids don't like him, but she says it is her life and they are not the ones alone. How much can she like him if she keeps breaking up w/ him? They were broken up a week this time and she got bored on Saturday and called him to take her dancing and now bam, he is back in. She told him he could come back if he goes to the psychiatrist since he is crazy.
When she tells me this, it is clear to me that she is having some issues. Why am I not more sympathetic? I am furious w/ her and I actually have even thought of calling cps because of this whole bike ride/hanging out thing. I have offered to help when I can. SO that part I can feel better about, but I am not a lot of help because of course I have my own issues,lol. This is the friend who told me that I allow my kids to run my life ( the comment made after I told her I had to go pick Joel up from football practice.
I love her and care about her. SHe is a good friend to me, and helps me out when she can. If that were not true I could move on from being her friend just fine.
I think the frustration might come from her reaction to anything I say. With my other friends we all share our opinions, and then we can take it or leave it. IF I tell her my opinion she freaks, so I am holding this in. Not saying I would be able to like her choices but maybe I would not be as frustrated from biting my tongue. but for now, I bite.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

top 10 scrapbooking mantras

This is the blog challenge on 2peas this week.
1) Do what you like, like what you do.
2) try anything once
3) what is the rush??? it takes as long as it takes
4)go to crops, and scrap at home, variety is the spice of life
5) remember to scrap yourself
6)find your style
7) include the journaling and handwriting of your family
8) scrap the bad times,too
9) invest in good tools
10) have fun

I cleaned out the fridge and freezer, so that is done on my list. The week is getting away from me, and I have football the next three nights so that list may move on to next week,lol.

Friday, September 16, 2005

the pot calling the kettle black

As I was visiting the blogs of my friends, I noticed people are not posting to them as often as I would like to read them. After checking friend number 5, and no updates I was getting frustrated.
Then I looked at mine. DOH! no room to complain lol.
I have been very busy here, football is life, at least according to Joel, Josh and of course Chris has to watch all the games on TV,lol. I love watching Joel and Josh play, that is for sure. I found a mom w/ a ds on the same team as Joel who wants to carpool to away games, so that is great. Any help w/ this 3.00 a gallon gas stuff,eh? Plus I hate to drive. I told my mom last night if I were to win the lottery, I would still cook, do laundry and all that, but I would hire a driver.
Life is good here. I am a little annoyed w/ DH but I guess a little is better than a lot, right??
I have to get the guys from a football game ( neither one is playing, but they want to watch it), so I decided that I would go to karaoke while I wait on them to finish up. That way, I am near their school, rather than all the way at home, or sitting waiting on them in the school parking lot. Dh and I were going to go, have fun together. Now he does not feel like going, so I am going to have to go alone. He does not get how lonely I am, he really doesn't. He probably never will. I am always alone. At all the kids games, at all their school functions, he is never there. Part of it is his job, part of it is him. Anyway, I am not surprised at this, just bummed.
I have been scrapbooking a lot this week. I now have 3 layouts done that need journaling, just waiting on joel so I don't mess up the stats and stuff from his last baseball season.
I am going to scrapbook tomorrow, and I am going to talk to a lady who just opened a lss in town about teaching or running crops there. I don't need to get rich, just hoping to get something fun going/meet some other people and maybe make a few bucks. It is kind of in a funky location, I hope it does well. She seemed great on the phone.
Josh is still doing great, I keep getting nice comments from his teachers. I am beyond thrilled and relieved.
I planted a bunch of seeds today, I am hoping for some baby trees to pop up soon.
I plan to do some more decluttering this weekend, I will let you know how many boxes I haul out of here!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

50 things

What is your name spelled backwards? ASIL
Where were your parents born? Wisconsin
What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? AIM
What’s your favorite restaurant? Native New Yorker
Last time you swam in a pool? Last night
Have you ever been in a school play? not as an actress but as a musician
How many kids do you want? want 3, have 2
Type of music you dislike most? anything loud shhhhhhh already,lol.
Are you registered to vote? Yes
Do you have cable? no, satellite though
Have you ever ridden on a moped? no
Ever prank call someone? no
Ever get a parking ticket? no
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? never
Where is the farthest place you have traveled to? from AZ to WI
Do you have a garden? yes
What’s your favorite comic strip? baby blues or family circus
Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? yes
Bath or shower, morning or night? shower in morning
Best movie you’ve seen in the past month? hmm, I re watched a fave, mystic river
Favorite pizza topping?ham/pineapple
Chips or Popcorn? popcorn
What color lipstick do you usually wear? never wear lipstick
Have you ever smoked peanut shells? no, never heard of doing it either,lol.
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? no
Orange Juice or Apple? orange
Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine? my parents, sister, and my immediate family @ IHOP
Favorite type chocolate bar? special dark
When was the last time you voted at the polls? The last presidential election
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? last season
Have you ever won a trophy? no
Are you a good cook? yes
Do you know how to pump your own gas? yes, but my mom doesn't.
Ever order anything from an infomercial? yes
Sprite or 7-up? sprite
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? no
Last thing you bought at a pharmacy? medication
Ever throw up in public? no
Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? true love, it's all that matters.
Do you believe in love at first sight? no
Ever call a 1-900-Number? no
Can exes be friends? yes
Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? my son
Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby? no
What message is on your answering machine? you have reached 520-xxxxxxxx
What’s your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character? I loved chris farley and adam sandler, and all of the charachters that they played.
What was the name of your first pet? cocoa
What is in your purse? don't carry a purse, but my planner is my life!
Favorite thing to do before bedtime? hang w/ my chatroom buds- hey were have you been lately?
What is one thing you are grateful for today?
That ds#2 is still elligable to play football!

Monday, September 05, 2005

my new favorite tune

I am loving the new Van Zant tune " Help Somebody". There are so many different words of wisdom in this song.

Well grandaddy was a hillbilly scholar, blue collar of a man...
He came from the school of "you don't need nothin' if you can't make it with your own two hands"
He was backwoods, backwards, used words like: no sir, yes ma'am, by god, I'll be darned, hell yeah I'm American..
and all the years he walked this earth
I swear all he did was work.
He said the devil dreams on an idle horseso you listen to me squirt..
Don't get too high on the bottle, and get right with the man.
Fight your fights, find your grace and all the things that you can't change, and help somebody if you can
Now Granny said sonny stick to your gun if you believe in something no matter what
cause it's better to be hated for who you are
Than loved for who you're not.
She was 5 feet of concrete New York born and raised on a slick city street.
She'll stare you down, stand her ground, still kickin' and screamin' at 93
I remember how frail she looked in that hospital bed taking her last few breaths of life and smiling as she said
Don't get too high on the bottle, just a little sip now and then,
fight your fights, find your grace,and all the things you can't change
and help somebody if you can,and get right with the man.
I never let a cowboy make the coffee
yeah thats what Granny always said to my Grandad
and he'd say never tell a joke that ain't that funny more than once
and if you wanna hear God laugh, tell Him your plans
Don't get too high on the bottle, get right with a man, son.
fight your fights, find your grace,and all the things you can't change
and help somebody if you can
and get right with the man and get right with the man.

So that is it- my new favorite song,lol.

Friday, September 02, 2005

are you ready for some football?

Good thing I was ready,lol.
Josh won his first HS football game this week, 45-12. He is really doing well in school, and his teachers are wonderful men and women.
Joel also won his game, 25-0.He is in heaven, he gets a lot of playing time, and is captain. All of his hard work is paying off w/ this coach. This coach really rewards hard working players, and Joel works hard for sure.
He is beyond stressed though, with school, football, and his job. The job is almost over, but it really is taking its toll on him now. He is losing things, forgetting things, and the smallest things are upsetting to him. I think it will get easier at the end of sept when his job ends, and maybe he gets back into the swing of things in football, and they cut down on some practices.
My east set pool that we started setting up last Sunday is almost finished now,lol. You are supposed to be able to set it up in 30 mins but apperantly they have not met my DH. It is up, and filled, now I need to get DH to finish the stuff w/ the filter/pump etc.
I am kind of bugged these days with judgemental people. I try not to let them upset me because A)- not worth my time,energy and B) if I sit in judgment of them, for being judgemental how am I any better?
But since it is my blog,lol I am going to take a few minutes and get this off of my chest.
God loves all of us. None of us are any better than any other of us. Period. God is our judge. It is not for us to do.
Everything is not black and white. I have morals, and values and issues that I believe in. Good for me. I try to teach my children what my values and beliefs are. I feel that is my job, to teach them about mine, then send them off into the world and hope that they find their own morals, values and beliefs. They won't match mine exactly. Neither do my neighbors, my friends or even all of the people in my same faith. Good for them.
There are lots of things that people judge others about. Weight, how much education, someones job or chosen career, clothing, shoes, sahm/work/daycare, CM style scrapping, the car someone drives and the list goes on and on. I sure don't have the energy to worry about anyone else. I wonder how people spend that much time out of their day, not only to notice whatever they judge someone about, but then to post on a message board or call their friend or whatever.
I am never shy about sharing my viewpoint, even when I am not asked. But I find a way to share it w/o "calling someone out" or being directly offensive. My viewpoint is just that, mine. It isn't for everyone, maybe it isn't for anyone. No biggie. I am totally confident in my opinions and therefore don't feel the need to force them on anyone. I also am not threatened by someone w/ a differing viewpoint.
I wish we were less judgemental. It serves no purpose. It is hurtful to everyone, especially to the one who is doing the judging. Every time they do it, it closes their mind just a little bit more.
Sure, there are things that I find unacceptable. There are people who I have chosen not to hang with or even talk to. That is how I take care of ME. When I look at the short list of people who I don't have contact with, my list is very short, and it seems as though it is their judgmental-ness that came between us, not some other issue.
I urge you- open your hearts, open your minds. I saw a siggy on a website the other day that said "be kind to everyone because everyone is having a hard time". and then oprah's saying " when they know better they will do better"

Sunday, August 28, 2005

a little better

So, I did end up talking w/ dh again, and he is going to go to the doc and see what if anything is up. He said he sure does not want me miserable. He is a good guy, so I really should not let myself get so worked up.
This morning we had my and Joels birthday celebration, it was the only time we could all get together, so my family came down( they live about an hr from me) and we went to IHOP. They sang to Joel and I, and we got birthday Sundaes. Josh was thrilled- breakfast is his fave meal of the day and we hardly ever get to go out to breakfast.
It was awesome! My BIL could not make it ( whatever dude) but at least my sister came. We had a ball. Joel drove us to and from the resturant. That is just so nervewracking- I am just not cut out to teach him to drive.But there is no one stepping up to help out, so I HAVE to do it.
Then Joel had to work, and we are hanging out at home this afternoon, watching the weather channel about this gigantic hurricane katrina. Chris just listened to our messages and our neighbor called and is giving away a pool, did we want it. Chris went down to check it out- gosh that would be awesome. It is an easy set one, so chris said he would put it up today- woo hoo!

Friday, August 26, 2005

josh and school

Really going well so far, I am beyond thrilled. His teachers are all wonderful. I hope that I am still saying that half way through the year,lol.
Josh is doing well at home too. He has a best friend now. Things are really going well for him.
I am frustrated w/ my dh and have been for some time. I am going to start "venting" here, as a way to help myself decide what the heck I am going to do about my feelings.
I have talked until I am blue in the face. If I push it, he "needs some space" and goes off to a friends. If I tell him and don't push it he says that he did not really think I was serious. I think he knows I am serious but that he is always going to deal w/ it later. I think he is depressed.
I also think that our problems are things that could be fixed. Maybe it just seems easy to me, maybe he really can't make himself do what I need, not sure. Maybe the issue is me. Maybe I expect too much.
Tonight I was upset because although he agreed to go to the football parents meeting w/ me( which I have to admit is a lot of progress) He wore a holey, stained undershirt again, despite knowing how much I want him to wear a shirt. He did not sit in the meeting, he kept getting up and walking around, going in and out, and on the way home he was in the worst mood, being all pissy and when I asked him what was wrong he said " I could be at home right now watching stargate".
Instead of doing something important to your family? You honestly would rather be watching tv?? OK then,lol. I dropped it at that point, there were other kids in the car and I was beyond pissed. I don't understand that at all. I am lonely in my marriage, and I want my kids to know that you go to football meetings, that you dress in a way that does not embarrass your family and you don't tell them on the way home that you could have been watching TV. Is that too much?? Why can't I see the glass half full, like I do w/ almost everything else. I want this stuff not to bother me, but it really does.
Anyway, this is officially going to be a negative blog for the next few days at least, I am going to be writing down all that bugs me,lol.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Can I have some comments please? lol. Even if you can't say something nice. Wait, that is prolly bad to encourage that.
I love my kids' friends. I never would have imagined that I would actually enjoy the company of teenage boys. They really are gross, disgusting creatures. I wanted girls so badly. God really knew what he was doing though. Over the years I have realized I am really not a girly type person.
When my guys were small, I loved them, and enjoyed every stage of development. I still do, although it surprises me each day how much. It never occured to me that by having two boys, that I one day would have a housefull. Neither of them bring home girls as friends, only gross smelly boys.
But ahhhhhhh I love it.These kids are all great kids. Most are athletes since that is what my boys are into. They are good students, for the most part. One thing that I always notice is that they are good, really good to eachother. They shake hands when they see eachother. They back eachother up and don't hesitate to help eachother. They are all so respectful of me. I deserve it, I am supermom, but still. Teenagers and respect don't always go hand in hand, even under the best of circumstances.
The car rides home from school/practice are the best. I am forever laughing. I need to remember(or write down) the funny things they are saying now. I did not do that when they were small( not a scrapper then,lol) and just realized today, that what I am laughing at today, I can enjoy after they become adults.
Since I am not ready to discuss that, I am going to stop for now,lol.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

quite the adventure

So, today, I would have loved to just relax. But that was not in the cards.Joel had to work, and Josh's friend wanted to come over, and I had grocery shopping blah blah blah. After dropping Joel off at work, he called me almost immediately that he had to work 3 hrs extra.
No problem, I tell him ( grrrr I hate changing plans,lol) so I decide just to get Josh's friend and head back home. On the way home on our two lane highway, we got stopped because of an accident. It must have been horrific, two helicopters, two ambulances, lots of police officers. Took a minute to pray for them, and then saw the sherriffs telling us we had to turn around.
So, we head back toward town, and the sherriff was detouring us down a dirt road that runs along the highway. Everyone took the detour. Lets just say that was a very bad plan.
It was very sandy, and people started getting stuck. The recent storms really changed this road. I made it a long way- I used to go off roading a lot and those skills really came in handy. There was almost an accident between a couple of other guys and pretty soon there were only a few of us not stuck. My boys were helping, as were most of the men, to get all 20 some cars just one more mile down the road. We had come so far! Turing back was not possible because of all the cars that were stuck behind us.
We persevered, and made it though. It only took 2 hrs to go 11 miles,lol.
I have to go back and pick up Joel, I am hoping for a little less adventure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

oops I did it again

bought another cup. Hopefully this is "the one"
Today was a day. It was pouring and I was wearing flip flops. I was trying not to "flip flop",lol. I had a flat tire. I had 2 gallons of milk in the car. I was soaking wet,lol.
I get home and have to get all soaked again getting the groceries in. I just put away the fridge stuff and then crashed out on the couch for the rest of the morning.
The rest of the day was great, I went to get the boys, had a fun time in the car. I am the best mom because I show up w/ snacks in hand,lol.
I got my planner organized yesterday and I made some goals. They did not work out today, but tomorrow is a new day, so I am looking forward to getting started on them.
I am scrapping w/ Vivian and LIsaD tomorrow at scrappers garden. Lisa and Vivian are jonsin' for Chic-fil-a so that is where we are going for lunch. I am working on Joels baby book( redo), and pages for a photo swap. I am going to look at the Artic Frog stuff while I am there to see if it speaks to me, they are looking for people for their DT.
Well, I am off................................

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Used to love it. I loved power shopping, window shopping, any kind of shopping.
Now I don't love it so much.LOL
I get tired way before my kids run out of money.
My kids are different types of shoppers. Joel loves it. He checks out all the stores, then goes back and gets his fave things. He is always looking for a bargin, and loves a good buy.
Josh is a grab and go type. Today he even saw a shirt that he liked, on a shelf right next to the floor. His size was not on top so he decided it was way too much work to look for his size so he moved on. LOL how lazy is that?
We have this mall, that is the kids' favorite. Lots of the stores are the outlets, and prices are pretty good. The mall is in a circle, kinda weird to me. We went around the mall twice today.
I sat the bench quite a bit today,lol. I got to people watch. Some people really dress up to go to the mall. Some were wearing slippers. My kids look so different from eachother. I love people watching!!
Well, I am falling asleep here, so I will have to write more later.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Whats new??

Well, last week, I ran and ran and ran. I eventually ran myself into the ground. It has taken 4 days for me to feel better. I was swollen at every joint, had a fever, and could barely walk. It was NOT fun.
This week looks better. Joels work schedule and sports schedule is slowing down, so less driving for me. School starts Monday, omgosh.
I had a mini run in w/ my ex today, and I handled myself beautifully. I would not engage him, he wanted to upset me, he really kept trying. When it did not work, and I told him to call me back another time, he flipped a switch. I just told him I had to go. It is too bad for the kids. They wanted to see him this weekend. They think he is the coolest thing ever. I just do not know what to think. Is he like this because he is nuts, is he not wanting to be responsible ( they wanted him to take them school shopping, and I also wanted it since I had paid all of the fees at the school and got all the football equipment paid for), or what?? I wish I could figure this out. I need to take my own advice. You can not make an illogical situation logical. It is not going to make sense. Now I know why people hate it when I tell them that.
Josh's meds are really really working. He is a really happy kid. The true test will be when he starts back at school next week. That is always a source of tension here. I am really hopeful.
I have been scrapping quite a bit this week, hopefully I stay on a roll. I have a crop w/ some friends on Thursday. Looking forward to that.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

another fun survey

This survey is courtesy of Tricia, I guess, I copied it from Donna,lol.
A is for Age – 37
B is for Booze – I do not drink alcohol.
C is for Career – I taught for almost 20 years.
D is for Dad’s name - Larry
E is for Essential item to bring to a party – food!
F is for Favorite songs at the moment –Something More by Sugarland
G is for Goof off thing to do – play on the computer, scrapbook, read mags, watch tv
H is for Hometown -Phoenix, AZ
I is for Instrument you play – flute, piccolo, guitar
J is for Jam or Jelly you like -strawberry or peach
K is for Kids -Joel/15 JOsh/14
L is for Living arrangement – Me, Chris, Joel and Josh, w/ all of our animals
M is for Mom’s name - Sandy
N is for Names of best friends - I plead the fifth
O is for overnight hospital stays – 1989 and 1991, birth of my sons - I have also spent the night with Joel for a week as an infant, 5 days w/ Josh when he was 10, and almost 2 weeks when my dh had his heart problem.
P is for Phobias – not knowing where my kids are, not being in control of a situation, dying before my kids reach 18..
Q is for Quote you like – from Ray Barrone ( Ray Ramano) " We are so worried that our kids won't have a future, that we are taking away their present."
R is for Relationship that lasted longest - I was married to my kids' dad for 11 years.
Siblings – one younger sister, who is also a teacher. NO, our mom is not one.
T is for Texas , Ever been? - yes! Loved it-thanks again Vivian
U is for Unique trait – ok, I can not think of one,lol.
V if for Vegetable you love – fresh green beans
W is for Worst traits – I am as hard on other people as I am on myself. It takes a concious effort on my part not to be.
X- is for XRays you’ve had – spine, both ankles, my wrists, elbows, knees
Y is for yummy food you make – I am a good cook. My lasagna and fried chicken I am particularly proud of.
Z is for Zodiac sign - Virgo

Sunday, July 24, 2005

1985 Suburban

Well, we sold it. I had such a flow of emotion. I cried, I was happy that a fellow ol Chevy lover who lives in the area bought it. He has the mechanical skills to keep her running. FOr that, I am glad.

I know it was time. Gas is 2.25 a gallon. My dh does not know how to fix or even maintain a vehicle. I was having a hard time climbing in, parking it, even driving it-with my arthritis. I know it was time to let it go, but it did not make it a lot easier.

It was tempting to "go shopping" last night, but the money is earmarked towards my new ride, so I had to hold off.
I am hoping for a mini van. I never thought I would say that,even 10 years ago. I wanted to keep that suburban running forever. Now I just want easy,lol. Even the boys are looking forward to a mini van, so we will have enough room for their friends and all their stuff. A mini van fits with my lifestyle and image. Old, reliable, sports mom- see a mini van fits perfect,lol.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

it is a gabillion degrees here

HOT HOT HOT! The weatherman keeps teasing us-"BEEP BEEP BEEP- Weather Alert" Severe thunderstorms in your area" well, it is sunny as can be and getting hotter by the minute. Everytime he says it is going to rain and it doesn't I am so disappointed,lol.I am buying an ugly fan tomorrow, this cute one is not working,lol.

Ok, I admit to not understanding the new fads, I am totally "on the outside" as my kids say. But this new fad, boys wearing girls jeans??? These are the kids who would rather be called anything but "gay" so I can not imagine them wearing girl jeans. I guess that makes me old.

My ex said he is "going to take care of the warrant stuff" Yeah, right,lol. I called MVD and they said they probably would not continue pursuing me, to bring the paperwork in. I am going to do that tomorrow I think.

I did not get enough sleep last night, so I am pretty pooped here, and can't get motivated. I am giving up on that today. I accomplished the minimum expectations I have for myself, so I guess that is fine,lol.

I want to scrap tomorrow, I think I am going to spend the rest of the day getting my mind ready for that.

Monday, July 18, 2005

untitled- HA HA HA

Well, as an update since it has been forever,lol. I had a good week last week, and went for an all girls weekend to my moms cabin. I really enjoyed the relaxation, and the weather. My sister and I went to a scrapbook store and worked on our books one day. We found a Sonic too, so that was a pretty good day.

I had some feelings about my mom and my sister though, which are now making me feel guilty of course,lol. They are both judgemental, and black and white type of people, even when it comes to me. That is/was tough.

I was talking about how my exhusband really frustrates me, and my mom interrupted me to ask me if I was aware how much I talk about him. That I do it all the time and that I need to not involve myself w/ him anymore. IF ONLY,lol.

I calmly explained to her that I do not discuss him AT ALL w/ my kids, or my DH because that would be hurtful to them. I do not have a lot of IRL friends, and usually don't like to go on about negative topics to bring everyone down. I said, that I count on being able to talk to her about it. She did say she respects me for not discussing him w/ my ds's, but then said that why don't I just stop letting the kids see him. Well, exactly who is that good for? ME- not them, and that is what I am for. To do what is best for them. I asked her if she thought I could honestly look into the eyes of my youngest son and tell him that he was not going to see his dad. I could never.
She changed the subject, but I was very emotional, and still kind of am. I feel almost like I lost my sanity. She is the one I pick up the phone to call when he is driving me crazy. Now I don't feel like I have a soul to talk this stuff through with. That is very lonely. My sisters comment was "well, that is why people should not get divorced" Yeah, that would have been a great solution too. Whatever. I am prideful and angry right now, thinking I will never call either one of them again. That won't happen, but at this very moment it seems like a wonderful plan.

And what started all my frustration in the first place is that I got a letter from Motor Vehicle saying that he has a warrant, unpaid tickets, failure to appear, using ficticious plates, and now they are not letting him OR me register any vehicles in AZ. His license is suspended and mine could be, unless I want to pay his tickets and can get him to go to court. Well, that is not going to happen,lol. I spoke w/ the court and they said that it is possible that if I take my divorce papers to motor vehicle that they might drop my name from this, but there is no guarantee about it. I guess I will find out later.

Then there is the moral and legal dilemma of visitation. He recently entered their lives after a 5 year absence. They have been enjoying having him in their life. It is still a very dysfuntional situation, but they are teenagers and I did not believe it was dangerous.
I do not have a legal obligation to send them to see him. I have full custody and any visitation I "allow" him to have is up to me. I have always however, allowed him access to this vistation, and the times he did not take them, were of his own doing. But now, he has no drivers license, and a warrant. I do not believe him to be an unsafe driver, so I can not say that. But, I do think it is a bad thing for my kids to be visiting someone w/ a warrant. I would hate for my ds's to see that, and I would hate for something to go wrong. But what if he is never picked up on this warrant. How long would I keep the kids from him? Forever? That does not seem right I don't think. I am questioning myself over and over and then I get mad at my ex for putting me in this situation where I have to think about all this, since obviously he doesn't.

If anyone out there is listening, let me know,lol.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The quest for the perfect cup-will it end?

I am very particular about what I drink out of, much more so than what is inside,lol. I am not loyal to any brand of soda, I can even drink store brand. Same w/ coffee, tea, etc. I mostly drink water, and I don't have a favorite brand of that either, but I don't drink tap water. Period.
It isn't just cups, it is mugs, bottles etc. My number one criteria is that it is lightweight. I do not want to have to strain to have to lift any cup, mug etc. I prefer cups w/ lids, or bottles,since I have a spaz of a dog. If it is a bottle, I prefer the sport top.
If it is a cup or mug, the opening needs to be large. I have a gigantic nose and do not like anything pressing on it.
I drop things like crazy so it is best if there is something to really hang onto, lol.
Then there is the issue of portability. I must be able to fit it in the car. It should have some type of way to help keep the beverage cool.
Two I got this year were a bottle holder, that goes in the freezer ( the holder does) and has a strap. The bottle that fits in it is great.
The other one is a half gallon ( there goes the light thing,lol) and has a nice cover to help w/ keeping it cold, and then has an insert that you freeze and screw it into the lid and it helps keep it cold w/o diluting what you are drinking. I like this one too because it has a zipper to hold my DL, debit card, a little cash and my keys. This one is nice if I have a short game or something.
Then I came home from the dollar store w/ a bottle that has that freezer thing and When it will end? Maybe when I invent it?? I have not found the perfect solution just yet.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

great day/rough night

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I went to Scrapbooks ETC and scrapped w/ my friend Vivian. I had some extra spending money, so it was sure fun. We had a great lunch at Panda Express, instead of our usual lunch next door at the bakery. We did have to stop off at the bakery after, for granola and some loaves of bread. Their bread is just as wonderful as ever, but I think their customer service is headed downhill. Hopefully it was just one ( or two) bad days,lol.
I got home kinda late last night, after picking up Joel from work and going for dinner. We fell into bed, only to wake up a couple of hours later w/ our kitten attacking me. My hands don't work really well at night and so Chris has to help "peel" the cat off of my head. After we get back to sleep at 3:30, our dogs woke us up barking like crazy at our fence. We tried to ignore it, hoping they would stop, but after a few minutes Chris had to go outside to see what was up. He got dressed, put on socks, shoes and then, grabbed his bat ( I have to lmbo everytime he grabs that thing, it is like a macho thing I think) . He comes back in a few minutes later, all 3 dogs in tow, and said that there was a kitten outside our fence and they had her too scared to move, and since she was sitting there, they just kept on barking. GREAT,lol.
If I get woken up after say 1 o'clock, I can't get back to sleep no matter what. So, I feel like I have not slept at all, and yet I am up for the day. What a drag. Hopefully a nap is in my future.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

OH MY,lol. I see a scrapbook page coming on

When Joel got his work schedule for the week, I noticed several shifts that are only one hour. Seeing as we live 30 mins ea way from work, that was a little annoying. I asked Joel why they scheduled him that way and his answer was " I am god"
Not wanting to get into it w/ him, and since there is nothing I could do about it at that time, I just let that comment go.
Later on in the evening, Chris asked Joel if he was happy w/ his new schedule for the week. Joel said that he was, but that "Mom sure isn't" Chris asked him why and Joel explained the one hour shift thing, and Chris said that he understands my frustration. Joel said " I really can't help it, I am god"
Upon hearing that for the second time, I decided I better set him straight,lol. I asked him why he kept saying that he is god, and was this entire job/having his own money and lots of responsiblitly thing going to his head. He replied that he is "guard on duty, aka g.o.d."
AHhhhhhhh well, all I can do is LMBO at that one.
Moral of the story................... don't jump to conclusions.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On The Outside-
Name: Lisa
Nickname: none
Birthdate: August 29
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ
Current Location: Maricopa,Arizona
Eye Color:blue
Hair Color: redish brown, naturally I am 100% grey
Height:5'6" ( I thought I was 5'5" for over 20 years. I was measured recently and found out I was actually 5'6"- it was totally weird!)
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Sex: Female
In The Inside-
Your heritage: Polish/Irish
The shoes you wore today: none yet, will be wearing flip flops when I take Josh to the doc.
Who you look like: my dad
Your weakness: kids, especially boys.
Your fears:Dying before my kids are 18, where my illness is taking me
Your perfect pizza: any pizza is a good pizza, but my favorite is ham/pineapple/black olive
Goal you'd like to achieve: raising my sons into wonderful young men
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow-
Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN: LMBO
Your thoughts first waking up: Why did I let Joel sign up for football at 6am?
Your best feature: smile
Your bedtime: I like to be in bed at 10 asleep by 11, but this summer I am trying to be in bed at 9 asleep by 9:30
Your most missed memory:I miss my ds's being preschoolers.
Your Pick- Pepsi or Coke: Usually Coke is my preferance but don't care that much.
McDonalds or Burger King: Neither, Wendy's or Sonics
Single or group dates: My DH won't let me date anymore.
Adidas or Nike: Nike is my fave.
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate!!
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino
Do You?- Smoke: NO!
Curse: almost never
Sing: yep and love karaoke
Have had a crush(es): yes
Think you've been in love: Yes
Want to get married: I am married
Believe in yourself: Yes
Motion sickness: Sometimes in a car, if I read
Think you're attractive: yes
Think you're a health freak: interested in it, but not a freak
Get along with your parents: yes
Like thunderstorms: yes, but I am scared of wind.
Play an instrument:I play guitar, flute
Have you ever...-
Smoked: no
Done a drug: no
Gone to the mall?: yes, but not in ages, we don't have one here,lol.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no, love them, but those things can kill you.
Eaten sushi: no, and it aint gonna happen
Been on stage: Yes, I was in concert band for 10 years, and I sing anytime anyone will let me,lol.
Gone skating: Roller and Ice both, but I really can't ice skate worth a crap.
Gone skinny dipping: - nope, and that aint gonna happen either,lol.
Dyed your hair: yes, on a monthly basis
Stolen anything: when I was 4, I stole a tool for my dad. He made me take it back.
Played a game that required removal of clothing: heck no
Been caught "doing something": yes, on more than one occasion.
Been called a tease: yeah, but he was psycho
Gotten beaten up: No
Shoplifted: NO
Getting Older-
Age you hope to be married: I married at 18, then again at 34
Numbers and Names of Children: I have 2, Joel and Josh
Describe your dream wedding:I dunno, I am really not into that
How do you want to die: in my sleep
What do you want to be when you grow up: Not sure, I am at a crossroads. I loved my previous job, preschool teacher, but we will have to see what comes next.
What country would you most like to visit: Canada, but I would really like to RV through the US
In a partner-
Best eye color?: I love blue, but don't care-
Best hair color?: don't care
Short or long hair:long
Height: don't care
Best articles of clothing:Levis or Wranglers
In The Numbers...-
Number of drugs taken illegally: Zero
Number of CDs that you own: I have no clue
Number of piercings:2
Number of tattoos:Zero
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?:Several. I live in a small town so it really isn't a big deal unless it is in the Police blotter,lol.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Parenting is tough

Duh,lol. I had another big ol thing w/ my ex today. I really hate them, I think he likes them, knows I hate them,and that is why we have them,lol.
He called and said, "I want you to bring the kids over this afternoon." I told him I couldn't right now ( dh was working on my car), what was up? He said that he wants Josh and his friend to come stay for a week, and I said let me get my appt. book, and we will try to get something set up. That made him mad from the get go. His brother was in the car, and he was talking to me, but for his brothers benefit. I told him that Josh had an appt Tues. PM and on Fri AM, so we would need to work around that. He was not pleased about that, but we continued the conversation. I said that there were a few things I felt the need to talk to him about, because we had not spoken in awhile. He said ok, then as soon as I asked him about where he stored his guns ( he and I have had previous problems regarding guns, and our boys are teenagers, I want to know how they are being stored) he started saying things like " Stop yelling at me" and "There is no need to get so out of control" Like I said, that was to benefit his brother. I never yelled. He said that he is not 12, he knows what he needs to do, and I have no right to ask him any questions. I feel differently. I feel I have not only the right, but the responsibility. I also wanted to share some things that were discussed during the last session w/ the counselor that Josh and I had, but we never got that far. He made it about him. He said he was hanging up, and that he was going to call Joel's cell phone and tell him about it, so that Joel could hate me as much as Josh and Josh's friend do.
I really think this is mostly about him NOT wanting the kids this week, after he had said to the kids that we should set something up. I think he is starting to have problems again, either emotionally or financially, and wanted his brother to think it is me, not him. I asked him to please not involve the kids in our disagreement, but he called Joel anyway. Joel was great, he said that "Dad people disagree every day, and people get over it too" His dad then said "I don't know how you deal w/ her everyday" That really makes me angry because I do not speak poorly of their dad in front of them, no matter what I think of him. It just stinks for everyone involved.

Monday, June 20, 2005

sunday.......... a great day

I was worried that our fathers day would turn out like memorial day, or most of our family functions w/ someone all ticked off and being grumpy. I am so thrilled that did not happen. I asked Dh ahead of time to please please try, and I also asked that of the boys. They all tried and we all had a great day.
I had not seen my parents since april, so I was excited to finally get there. We celebrated Mothers Day, my moms bday and Fathers day. Everyone loved their gifts, it was almost like Christmas!
I have 30 dollars from my mom, I am going to stock up on bazzill cardstock. Chris got a gc for BIg 5, and my mom also got me a cookbook " fix it and forget it, recipes for entertaining".
I got my mom a apple candle ( for the cabin since it is decorated w/ apples), and a birdhouse. I got my dad a shirt that says Grill Sargent, you would have to know him to totally get how appropriate that shirt is,lol.
We had a great dinner, and hung out and everyone had a great time. My mom and I are going to go to their cabin, just girls, in a couple of weeks, I am so looking forward to that.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pieces of ME ( thanks Dianna, Tricia,lol)

12 Movies:
*I am Sam
* John Q
* In a Child's Name
* Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
* Wizard of OZ
* Loosing Isaiah
* anything w/ Melissa Gilbert in it
* almost anything on Lifetime
* movies on Court TV
* I Think My First Name is Steven
* Michaell
* Without a Trace

11 Good bands/artists:
* Travis Tritt
* Wynonna Judd
* Toby Keith
* Journey
* Rascal Flatts
* Faith Hill
* Gretchen Wilson
* Martina McBride
* Trisha Yearwood
* Jo Dee Messina
* Leanne Rimes

10 things about me:
* I desperately wanted 2 girls, but had 2 boys and could not be happier!
* I am trying to eat healthier
* I love all animals ( even snakes)
* I am in the process of decluttering my home. It is hard for me because I am very sentimental.
* I love cheese. I like to melt it in a bowl in the microwave and eat it w/ a fork.
* I love sarcasm
* Navy blue is my favorite color
* Chows are my favorite dog
* I have a pig ( ducks, chickens and a goat too)
* I am starting a worm bin.

9 good friends:
* My DH Chris
* My sons ( sorry if you think it is cheating)
* Vivian
* Alison
* Dianna
* Kristie
* Nikki
* all of my friends from LM Chat!

8 favorite foods and drinks:
* Chocolate Diet Coke from Sonic
* Venti Java Chip Frap from Starbucks
* Onion Rings from Sonic
* Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream
* Butter Toffee Peanuts
* Pizza, love ham/pineapple
* Flips ( choc covered pretzels)
* cheese
7 things you wear daily:
* Undies
* mascara
* hairspray
* toenail polish
* deoderant
* warm vanilla sugar body spray
* toe ring

6 things you hate: ( I really hate the word hate,lol, and thinking of things to hate... if you insist..)
* People who sit in judgement of others ( not your job- ok?)
* uncooked onions
* arthritis
* abuse
* my son's messy room
* black coffee

5 things you do daily:
*go online, check w/ favorite message boards, emails, chat w/ friends
* laundry
* feed the birds
* drink a gallon of water
* make the bed

4 shows you watch:
* Guiding Light
* America's Most Wanted
* Forensic Files
* Dr. G Medical Examiner

3 places I've lived: ( no laughing please)
* Phoenix, AZ.
* Glendale, AZ.
& good thing I moved one more time or I would only have 2,lol
* Maricopa, AZ.

2 things I want:
* my boys to become happy adults
* a mini van

1 person I want to see right now
* my mom! I get to see her tomorrow and I am so excited.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

This week I have been in high gear. Today is a little lighter for me, WHEW! I did some errands this morning, not in a rush and enjoyed myself. I got a Venti Java Chip Frapp this morning ( my first one in ages, since I got hooked on choc diet cokes from Sonic,lol).
The house is clean, I have a new magazine and I am going to take it easy. I have been organizing my scraproom a little bit every afternoon, and trying to keep up on watering my plants, especially the ones in containers. They need water every day.
I am so excited to go see my parents this Sunday. They have not been home on a weekend in months so I have not seen my mom for her birthday, mothers day and now it is fathers day already,lol. We are going over there late in the day so that Joel and Josh can spend some time w/ their dad. As usual every time there is a family activity everyone but me is in a tizzy about something. Joel and Josh do not want to leave their dads to go visit w/ my dad. Chris wants to pick them up even earlier so that we can go to my parents earlier, and get home earlier. It is a big deal to him to be back home early on Sunday. I told him this time it is just not going to work out that way. Hopefully everyone adjusts their attitudes before then. I want a wonderful day.
Well, it is noon here and I have not eaten yet, so I need to get a move on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

boys are gross

And for once, the title came easy,lol
Here was the conversation in the car today.
Chris (josh's friend)- "Hey Josh, wipe your finger behind your ear and smell it. It is soooooooooooo gross!
Josh does it, and says " Well, it does not smell to me, but I just washed my hair"
Chris-" Oh, maybe that is why"
Josh-" You know what really smells? Wipe your finger under your pit and then smell it"
Chris-" Yeah, I know that smells."
Josh-" I did not even have to move my shirt, it smells right through!"
Chris- "That is pretty cool, you will have to tell my dad!"
All I could do was sit there shaking my head.
Today was a good day, I got 3 more bags to goodwill today, and built my worm farm. I am hoping to get some worms by the weekend! It is pretty wierd, but Josh and Chris think it is gross,lol.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to a football game in the evening. My dad is going to come and watch Joel also, so that will be fun.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Morning

I really can't deal w/ this title thing,lol. I almost did not do an entry because I do not have a title for every flipping day,lol.
Today, Chris is sitting outside of a local store trying to unload our last two kittens. The one we decided to keep is running all around searching for them, it is really sad.
Mama cat is being spayed next week, and our new baby boy is getting neutered the first week of July. NO more accidents,lol.
Our chickens are laying eggs like crazy-nothing better than real eggs.
Joel is feeling better, and works a half day today. I am taking Josh and his friend to their work, to pick up things they left there yesterday,lol. Then I am going to walmart for a few things. Hopefully Chris and I will meet back at home around the same time and we can watch a movie or something. I do not even want to think about dinner, is it ok if I don't???
I think I might finally be happy w/ my hair, that would be great,lol. We shall see over the next few days. My hair has been the same basic style forever, but I had a bit cut last week and am trying a new styling product, so far so good.
Now to work on the clothes and the body,lol. That will take a lot more work than the hair.
I decided how I want to do my scrap area. I am going to have chris measure for some folding tables in there. It is a small area, so I am going to put tables all along the walls, and use iris carts underneath. I then, as I can afford it, will get a couple of nice office chairs and then maybe I can invite someone over to scrap. I have been organizing the smaller things in anticipation of getting the tables, I think I might be able to get the tables this week. I also want to move my computer out there, so it is in the scrap area and on a nice long table. That will also free up room in my bedroom, which is fairly small as well.
Well, I am off- Peace Out.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

a lazy morning???

Gosh I hope so,lol. Today it seems as though I have the morning off. I got a yummy frozen pizza for Joel and I for lunch so I don't have a thing to think about. Well, the floor needs to be vacuumed but I am ignoring it this morning. Josh and his buddy are at the paintball course already, hard at work. When I finish here I am going to try to find a Lifetime movie and scrap. Joel is still asleep, unusual for him. I have a yummy chocolate candle burning in here, I think when I leave I will move it with me. I have CMT in the background and am generally just chillin out. I just realized that although I am happy that one of my favorite songs has been remade by one of my favorite groups, I have been around long enough to have heard this song done by the original artist, and remade not once but twice. GOSH- maybe I am as old as I feel,lol.
Joel has been really sick all week, I hope our lazy day helps him. You know he is sick when he is not asking to drive,lol.
About my friend in my last entry, I decided to distance myself, so I am not as emotionally involved. I am not ending the friendship, and it prolly is not going to take a lot of effort to put some distance in, she has a new/old boyfriend right now and is pretty busy. This is perfect timing I think.
Anyway, I think I am going to take advantage of the quiet house.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

why does everything need a title?

LOL! I am just beyond busy these days, with no end in sight. I would not have it any other way, but I am still pretty tired.
Joel has football practice in the morning, we leave at 5:30. I take another boy w/ us in the morning, and his mom brings Joel home. then, Joel works in the afternoons, and then M,T, TH he has baseball games that run from right after work to almost 11 at night. Wed he has football, just until around 8 though. Looking forward to Saturday when he has no sports or work. You can bet that Josh will need to run somewhere though,lol.
I have a friend who is kind of driving me crazy. I really try to accept people for who they are, and not judge them. For the most part I am pretty good at it, I think. She just does not think things through at all. Then, she does not like what happens and becomes depressed. I hate to see her struggle, but for the most part, the things she is going through are of her own doing. She does not usually ask for suggestions, but when she does she debates why they won't work. Ugh.
Right now she is upset that the kittens that I gave her are scratching. What 36 yr old woman, who had cats as a child, did not know that they scratch. She asked how to get them to stop, so I gave her ideas and even though she has not tried any of them, she is sure they will not work. I think she is going to ask me to take them back.
She is upset that her 15 yr old son will not get a job. She says that she needs the money. She also wants him to babysit while she attends school from 8-2 every day. I asked her when he would have time to work if he babysits that much, and he is also an athlete. She said that is for him to figure out. Double ugh.
She has started and stopped school so many times that her financial aide is messed up. She was supposed to start summer classes this week but they would not approve her. SO, at this point the babysitting issue is a moot point but I am sure it will come up again. She does not have control of the youngest boy and yet she thinks he can control him.
She is really stressed financially, which is only partly her doing, her ex stopped paying child support. She is unemployed in the summer, and did not go file right away ( the part that is her fault) and so she does not have money for her family's essentials like food. She asked me what to do and again, all of my ideas will not work. Someone from her church ended up taking her shopping. I am glad they will be eating this week.
I know I am beyond weird w/ the amount of time I spend shuffling kids to and from their sports, and that I have not missed a game of theirs EVER! The day I was taked to the hospital by ambulance, I got out of ER in time to go to the game, and I went ( much to the dismay of everyone who cares about me,lol.) She upsets me too, because her ds plays his heart out and she is no where to be seen. She said she can not start going to his games because then the younger ones will expect it too. I don't know how when she never even signs them up?? LOL.
I have been pretty frustrated w/ her from time to time, but only got angry w/ her one time when she said that I let my kids run my life.
So, as DR. Phil says, what is the payoff?? Not sure. I do like her. I know it doesn't sound like it w/ this post, I guess I can take some time tomorrow and post about her good qualities. We lost touch once and I really missed her. I do need to figure this out though I think.
Well, this is so long you are prolly sorry you opened this blog..... will write more later!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

a big day ahead

Today should be a really big day. This afternoon, we are delivering the last of our two kittens. This is both a happy and sad occasion,lol. We are then off to a birthday party, for one of Chris's godchildren. He is into Star Wars so Chris is in charge of choosing a gift.
Then, I am going to pick up the boys at thier dads. This is thier first visit w/ him in more than 4 years. I have been freaked out the whole time, even though Joel is in almost constant contact w/ me. ( what is new there,lol) Their dad is giving Joel a car today, so this is going to be a really big day for him too. I don't think Joel knows yet or I would have recieved a call.
Things are going so well for Joel these days I am so happy and proud of him.
I haven't written a lot about Josh in my blog so far. He is the complete opposite of me, so, sometimes opposites attract and sometimes they don't,lol. One of the things I am proud of about him these days is he has a great work ethic ( that of course I had no idea about since it is not evident here w/ his chores,lmbo.) He has been working at a paintball course, almost every weekend day for the past month or so to help support his own habit. The guy who owns the course stopped me yesterday and told me that he hopes Josh continues to enjoy paintball because he is so valuable to him as a business owner.
I need to get going about my busy day. I will update more tonight after all of this happens,lol.

Monday, May 30, 2005

our memorial day dinner

People say that women have the worst attitudes. Well, those are people that have not met the men in my family.These guys resent having to lift one finger even if it is to benefit themselves.
Tonight I planned a nice family bbq. All of the foods that these guys like. I asked if one of them could bring an extra chair to the table at the deck and you would have thought I asked for a million dollars. All of them had an attitude! My dh decided he needed to go to the restroom ( aka, his place to hide until all of the work has been done). So, Josh's friend who was over for dinner offered to help. Joel and Josh started fighting over who was going to make their plate first. Of course, if there is an occasion to yell, Chris can manage to come out of the restroom and do it. We all get our plates and head outside. Every one of them complained about the flies. It was lovely, I tell you, just lovely.
After dinner, I asked the boys to let me have their plates if they could put away the extra chair and scoot the table back. They were OK w/ that, but Chris was all bent out of shape about something. I get inside and I call Joel to help me. He complains that "Josh never has to help". I explained, even though at this point I am beyond sick of explaining and being nice, that they are helping w/ the outside stuff. Joel helps, and Chris is already laying on the couch. I ask him if he can come help so I do not have to do it all. He comes, but is the biggest butthead about it. We get everything done, and everyone is headed to their own things, the boys to their video games, and dh to the tv to watch sci fi. He noticed my empty ben and jerrys container in the garbage and asks what I got him. I tell him and low and behold could it be any other way?? I got the wrong kind. Of course. It is really frustrating me because I am working really hard to make wonderful family memories for my kids and it is not really working out so well I don't think. None of them realize the importance of it, and they honestly do not seem to care. Should I keep caring? Should I keep plugging away at it? It is honestly exhausting, trying to plan things, and keep everyone civil to eachother. I mean, everyone loves eachother and no one is abusive but they are not plesant memories, at least for me.
Maybe when I am less upset I can try to talk to everyone about this again.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

time marches on

Today as I waited outside the pool for Joel, I started thinking about how just 6 years ago, he, his brother and I waited in line to get into the pool. I was too afraid to drop them off alone, so I stayed w/ them every day. Then, two years later, I could allow them to stay alone there. Now, Joel is a lifegaurd. He is the guy sitting people out, instead of the guy being sat out. He is in charge of other people's safety. Wow. Just wow.
He said to me on the way home today, "You just do not understand what it is like watching a bunch of kids all day!" LOL! What did he think I was doing all those years as a preschool teacher? How bout all of the days w/ his brother, their friends and him?
He is such a joy, and a wonderful kid.

Friday, May 27, 2005

..and the thunder rolls....

Hopefully we will get some rain here, we are getting thunder. I am crossing my fingers it is just for tonight though. All my guys work outside,lol. Joel has started working and loves it. Josh is working at the paintball course w/ his friend Chris, and they love it too. Josh and Chis have dyed their hair black so we call them the blackheads,lol.
I had a super day today, the boys all stayed at Chris' house so I did not have to run anyone to town at the crack of dawn. I stayed home all day, scrapped, made dinner, watched tv. It was a great day.
I started my diet Wednesday. I was doing well before dh's surgery, so I am just going to pick up where I left off. I am making sure I get the three calcium servings, the loads of fruit and veggies, no more than 3 oz of meat per day ( that is part of the RA diet) and as much as possible eating whole grains. Drink my usual water plus a serving or two of green tea.
I did a layout today for my bom, about the last time I went to the hospital. I am going to do another layout for my book tomorrow, and then switch gears to my recipes I think.
Chris ( dh) is doing better every week, he is tired at the end of the day, but he is making it all the way through.
Well, this blog thing is a struggle for me, I need to get the hang of it. I am going to push myself for a daily entry.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

a busy weekend!

Looking forward to some time at home this afternoon, hopefully. I have been so busy running the kids here and there. Joel started his first job yesterday, he is beyond excited. He found out there is another lifegaurd that lives close to us w/ a car woo hoo! That might help out this summer. I have no real goals for today except getting the scraparea clean.If that happens, I may spend the afternoon scrapping and listening to lifetime movies. I am waiting for chris to get home from town and we are going to watch Ray together.

Friday, May 13, 2005

my first post

I have no idea how this silly thing works, I am just copying my friends who all seem to blog. I got flipped off today when I put on my blinker and passed this car, who was going 25 mph under the speed limit. What a goof. Anyway, I went to walmart and as the lady behind me pointed out " man, you sure have a lot of projects going on today" LOL so I better go.