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I was a preschool teacher for almost 20 years. I had lots of wonderful experiences. I have now been a 911 dispatcher for 6 yrs now.I love animals,small towns, good food ,karaoke, baseball and walking around our local zoo. Makes me feel at home,lol. I live and breathe scrapbooking and my two adult sons. They really are what is most important in my life.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here are, as promised, some pics of my Sedona trip. This church is so beautiful, it is built into the red rocks of Sedona. We had lots of fun that weekend, shopping and eating, and best of all- resting. We had a great time in the hot tub, Josh worked out in the weight room at the hotel, too.

One funny story is about the "Blah Blah Guy". As we were walking around in uptown Sedona, we saw a guy who was sitting on a bench, playing a guitar. As we got closer, we could hear him. He was singing "blah blah blah........ blah blah deblah" As we walked away Joel said " I guess he doesn't have a lot to say" LOL.

Joel, who loves loves loves his cell phone was constantly checking his reception. He would announce " I get good reception here............. not so good here" It was funny, I guess, but it kinda drove me nuts.

These are some photos of the gorgeous landscape. When you are in Sedona, you are completely surrounded by mountains, and of the red rocks. People come from all over the world to see this beauty. It was kind of fun to hear all of the different languages people were speaking uptown. Joel was only impressed that his phone still had 3 bars of reception, even in the middle of this mountain. Josh and I just rolled our eyes and laughed. Anyway, it was a hoot and we hope to go back soon! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

still trying to find the bottom of the pile...............

I am starting to work on unloading some of my book collection on half.com. I really love books, but I am overwhelmed at how many I have, so I really don't look at any of them. Make sense??
Well, starting slow here, but you can find me at half.com, username teacherlisa2. I think the boys are going to sell some video games and we will be listing a ton of vhs tapes also, so keep checking back, if you would.

Things are going ok, I have made some decisions and I always feel better after I have made them, rather than being indecicive and having things up in the air.

The weather is cooling off, so I am enjoying some gardening time, and I have started walking. I am waay out of shape and a big huge wuss, but it is a start.

This picture is of Joel, my oldest, when he played football for the first time. He was a bit disappointed that it was only flag football, but, truth be told, I was pretty happy that it was.

Another new milestone happened this morning. I asked Joel to pick up something for me for the first time while he was in town. Big guy, growing up.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hanging in here

I am facing some tough decisions in my life right now, so if you have any spare good thoughts- send em my way- OK?
I am ok, I will be OK, I am just struggling a bit.

Friday, September 08, 2006

almost ready.........

for our weekend trip. I have to hit WM one more time, I decided to get a couple more rolls of film and some snacks for our room. My boys are like infants and need to eat every two hours you know,lol.

As for my goals, well, most did not happen,lol so on to next week!

I saw a great idea in CK a couple of months ago, think it was ali edwards, who put together a mini album before her vacation, and took it along. I am doing that for our day trip, and kind of excited about it. I used colors of the southwest, and die cut my own book covers and pages and tabs etc., at the LSS the last time I went.The kids of course think I'm nuts to make a scrapbook before we even have the pictures, but what do they know,lol.

I am trying to get the house clean before we leave, I hate coming into a messy house.

Guess while I am motivated I should get moving- I will post some great sedona landscape pics when I get back!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

looser blogger that I am

I seem to go in spurts, updating every day, but then disappering,lol.
I did complete all of my goals, which is funny, since I had veen feeling like a lazy butt who got nothing done.

My kids won their football games this week, pretty cool there.

We are planning a trip to Sedona next weekend. We have been needing a little time away, but with everyones' schedules, it has been impossible. I just told everyone we were going- make it work! I got us a really nice room, because we are going to be spending a bit of time at the hotel. Usually if we go anywhere, I get the cheapest room,cuz why pay all that money just to sleep. This time we are going to enjoy the room and ammeneties and just lie low, relax, or chillax as the boys would say. We are going to go on one hike ( ok slow walk,lol), visit Talaquapaqe ( not sure if I have spelled that correctly), which is a shopping center made to look like an old mexican building. They have lots of boutiques, fancy shops, more really for window shopping, but I love to look at work by local artists, and there are some really pretty places there I want to get pics of. Sunday morning we are going to head into downtown Sedona, which is lined with more shops and places to eat. We are mostly window shopping but Joel and I have some birthday money to spend,lol. I am hoping to get some nice landscape photos, too, the red rocks are gorgeous.

setting some goals for this week:

1.get to sams club and buy sheet protectors/get LO's in albums.

2. finish altering my planner, go to lakeshore for the laminating I need.

3.get that bookshelf organized and dusted.

4. get to work on the front planter instead of just writing it on my to do list,lol.