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I was a preschool teacher for almost 20 years. I had lots of wonderful experiences. I have now been a 911 dispatcher for 6 yrs now.I love animals,small towns, good food ,karaoke, baseball and walking around our local zoo. Makes me feel at home,lol. I live and breathe scrapbooking and my two adult sons. They really are what is most important in my life.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

goals for next week-

I need to get my potting area back in shape,after our last storm, and before our fall planting season starts next month.

I need to get some straw under my pumpkins.

I need to get my videos/dvds organized- they are really bothering me.

I have a basket of magazines I need to go through- and then, hit the used bookstore and goodwill w/ what I don't need.

I need to get my trunk organized- I have two football games this week and it is a PIT!

I started reorganizing my scraproom, but did not finish, gotta do that.

Friday, August 18, 2006


These are my thoughts on pain........

Pain is invisible . No one can see it. You can't "know" that the person in front of you in line, struggling w/ her purse, cards, pen- whatever, isn't experiencing intense pain with each movement. Give her a break.

Chronic pain can be depressing. I hurt somewhere every minute of every day. I am not complaining, I can still walk. Most days, everything works and I can get through. Most days, everything does not hurt, just something. But just knowing, that each and every day, something is going to hurt, and you really can't predict what is going to hurt, and plan ahead, can be depressing.

With that said, I handle myself, and my pain pretty well. I look on the bright side, do what I can, and try my best not to get upset at the things I can't do. I am getting better on allowing people to help me when I need it.

There are a couple of kinds of pain that I usually do not have, headaches and backaches. ( I know, Kristie, I thought of you when I started writing this,lol) If I have either of these, I crumble to pieces. I deal w/ worse pain, in my joints all the time. But a headache is just so- right there. You can't use a different joint, you can't adjust, the headache is there- all up front and in your face. It is a constant annoyance. And your back, well, it is holding you up,lol.

This morning I have a headache. I know what it is from, and I am embarrassed to confess it is from not drinking enough water. DUH! So I am working on it this morning, hopefully it will be gone soon. It is all in my face, if I had to be nice to people it might be difficult. I actually can see this headache in my eyes, so maybe not all pain is invisible.

Today is my run like a chicken w/ my head cut off day. Tonight is football.
Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


all my troubles seemed so far away.............................
Just kidding, well sort of. Yesterday, I took off and had a great and fun day. Went and cropped at the LSS, got some work done for some pages I am doing for someone- whew almost done there! Found some stamps I "had" to have as well as quote unquote 4. I love that series, and use them all the time now, that I am scrapping mostly teen picures, and well, they don't talk so I can't quote them.

Today, it is a snap back into reality. All of the stuff I do during the day- did not happen yesterday.IF anyone wonders what I do, well just look around today,lol.

So, today, I am going to get the house in shape, get some laundry done and hopefully get some time to scrap. I feel good, so hopefully that feeling lasts until it all gets done!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

boo hoo

School has been in session for exactly 5 days and I miss my kids already,lol. I have not, like I said in my last post, had any time to be bored, but I miss them.

I am babysitting in the morning before they go to school, so I don't see them off to school, my dh does. They come home from football tired and ready for bed. I am looking forward to this weekend, maybe I can catch up w/ them then.

I am going to my LSS tomorrow, I need some paper to finish up a job I have been working on, and then I am going to grab bagels from einstien bros ( yum if you have never had them) before coming home.

Good news, Savers is coming to my town! Savers is just about the best thrift store ever. Once a week they have dollar days, and so it just gets better! I am really looking forward to them coming, I try to visit their stores in PHX when I go.

We had a crazy storm last night, lost a tree and a window ( insert sad face here). It was pretty scary, lots of wind, hail, flooding. Joel and Josh were in one car, in town, and chris was in another. They were not able to make it and for awhile I did not have contact w/ them. It was scary!In the end, we replaced the window, everyone got home fine and the tree was cut up, and put in our burn pit. Could have been lots worse.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

speaking of football..............

I did this LO the other day, as many of you know, I am out of photos of my kids,lol.
I am doing a Book Of Me, and right now, this little cooler is a big part of my life. It gets carried more than my purse. It holds everything necessary for me to enjoy a football, baseball or paintball game. I even take it with me when I pick up the kids from school. They are thirsty and starving RIGHT NOW, and don't want to wait the 25 minutes until we get home. Sometimes they are on the run from one place to another, and don't have time to stop.

This cooler has made me the "cool mom" cuz I always have food and water for all the friends that my kids promise rides to. It is amazing what effect cold water and a little debbie snack have on a teenager.

Of course it is blue, my favorite color, and one of the kids' school colors. Of course my camera fits in the outside pocket. And, of course I had to buy different reusable ice products until I got just the perfect ones. Chris thinks I am sick, between the quest for the perfect cup, the perfect cooler and the perfect ice. Naaah, I just want what makes me comfortable. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

am I ready for some football?

not really,lol. It is still 105 outside at 5:15 and I have to leave soon for our first scrimmage game. I do look forward to it, because despite my last post, most of my social life revolves around my kids' sports.

We are expected to have a good season, which would be great since it is Joel's senior year. I blogged a bit about this last year, but our school has had loosing seasons for the last 40 something years, and that prompted a coach change ( ya think??) and a change to another region( meaning we play some different schools).

I do look forward to the photo opportunities as well,lol.

I am still waiting for a peaceful day, or a day where I get bored. Everyone keeps telling me that they are coming, w/ both kids gone all day.

I have had some time to scrap, and my decluttering mission is coming along, so maybe that is what is taking up my time. Now that Joel is driving I am not spending 4 hrs in the car anymore,lol.

The friend thing w/ Josh has sort of worked itself out, he is very busy w/ football, and thus other football players become your friends.Not saying that football players don't make mistakes, they are teenage boys, of course, but they have their head on the game, passing school etc.
That will take care of first semester,lol- we are going to have to take this a day at a time, especially since I have NO idea what I am doing here.

Well, hopping off of the computer is in order- I have a football shindig to get ready for.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

my fun night

So, last night, I was feeling lonely, and so very sorry for myself. I had wanted my kids to go to the zoo with me, and they bailed. I decided to go ahead and go alone. I headed out, and found that the road out of town was flooded out. I took the detour( 50 extra miles, ugh) and then, was on my way.
I got there a bit later than I had wanted to, but the animal talks that I did get to see were totally worth it. I learned all sorts of things about the animals that I did not know before.

After the zoo closes, I decide to go to karaoke. I love love love karaoke. I pick up a New Times magazine, choose a place and go there. ( New times is an alternative type paper. They make fun of the Arizona Republic, Sherriff Joe, and they love trash and scandals. However, they have the best listing of what is going on)

I get to the front door, and it looks scary. I hesitate to go in. I mean, I can always go home, go to my regular place, anything, but going into a scary looking place alone. I decide to go in. It was weird in there, but not scary. I order my usual ( diet coke in a small pitcher) and look for a karaoke book. I notice a few same sex couples, and start looking around just to make sure that there are some heterosexual people there- that I did not miss the memo,lol. Ok- whew there were.

The gal sitting next to me asks " Are you here w/ someone?" My stomach sank. I have no idea how to handle that situation. I do not want to offend, and I am so scared to say the wrong thing. God must have helped me out cuz I said that my dh was at home.

My impression was wrong, she was there alone also and just wanted someone to talk to. She was absolutely interested in all the guys in the place,lol. She turned out to be someone I have a lot in common with. She is also in education. She works on the reservation near my hometown. She is a great singer and enjoys karaoke as much as I do. We had a great time.

The place was full of interesting and fun people- I really enjoyed it. It was not really smoky, everyone was nice. I think I will head back there next weekend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

time to update

although, I am stumped on as to what,lol.

It is hot here- still making me feel like I am a sloth this year. I am still babysitting in the morning, which I'm sure does not help, but I really need to get over this unmotivated slothy fatigue I am having.

Joel had a ball at football camp.ha ha I made a funny. Anyway, it is his last year, so it was important for him to enjoy it.

Josh has been working hard at both jobs, and at getting a place on this semi pro paintball team.That means I have been working hard driving him everywhere,lol.

We are still working on the little trailer that Chris got as payment for an a/c job- it had been used as storage, and we are finding some treasures in there, and some garbage too,lol.I am actually excited about that project- maybe more can get accomplished as the weather cools.

My pumpkins sure enjoyed the rain- I can't wait for them to decorate my front porch this fall.

Maybe that is what I should do, start thinking of some fall crafts- that will help w/ my heat exhaustion,lol.Can't be hot while thinking of fall........