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I was a preschool teacher for almost 20 years. I had lots of wonderful experiences. I have now been a 911 dispatcher for 6 yrs now.I love animals,small towns, good food ,karaoke, baseball and walking around our local zoo. Makes me feel at home,lol. I live and breathe scrapbooking and my two adult sons. They really are what is most important in my life.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

sorry to keep you hanging............

I don't really have anything to report. I feel like I did OK on my interview, and I did pass the required tests. There are more openings than applicants so things are looking good for me.
I am subject to a background check ( not worried) and a polygraph( worried).
This process will take around two weeks, so hopefully not too long after christmas I will be starting.
There is a lot of stress in my life right now, I'm not really getting into christmas this year. This is my oldests last christmas at home and I just can't "get into it". I am into it enough for him, he has pretty low standards,lol.
I am going to force myself to put some of the stress aside tomorrow and try to get something pulled together,lol.
Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

hey there

This is what Josh does while he is at work. He got shot a lot of times last weekend- he has circular welts all over him!

He has been getting quite a few hours at the Paintball field, and one of the owners has him doing construction type jobs at a house he is building. Great experience! Their work Christmas party is Friday night- we are pretty excited.

I tested for the 911 dispatcher position in my neighboring city and the Indian Reservation nearby. I have an oral interview ( the second step) w/ the Reservation tomorrow morning. I bought a new blouse for the occasion,lol. I have not worked in 4 years- this is pretty exciting. This will be life altering. I have never done anything but teach preschool. I was great at that, the hours were great. I could do it in my sleep,lol. This will be very challenging and the hours will be something I am not used to. I am also not used to the kind of money they make,lol. ( Several dollars an hour more than teaching paid) Hoping that balances it out.

It's getting cool here in AZ finally, although I had to use the A/C in my car a couple of days ago,lol. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

oops............ here I am.........

I did write a post right before thanksgiving, and who knows where it went,lol. Anyway, here's what's up.
We went to Munds Park ( 20 miles south of Flagstaff) for the Thanksgiving holiday. We left right after Joel got out of school on Wednesday and stayed till Sunday. It was a glorious wonderful time. I really enjoyed the rest!
There were, of course a few tense moments. We had my parents, my sister, her husband and baby, and the three of us. Add 5 little dogs to the mix and you can imagine........... There were people and animals everywhere.
Some stuff I never want to forget:
The AH-HA moment my mom and I had...........
The fishing time my BIL spent with my guys.
Saturday afternoon, on the couch for hours with my mom watching Lifetime Movies.
My AH-HA moment while watching When A Man Loves A Woman.
Taking my mom and sister to the LSS in Flagstaff.......... and my mom deciding that she is sure she will never scrapbook because she would never have any extra time or money. ( LOL, yep, that's about right)
Cooking the usual Sunday breakfast...... Biscuts and Gravy
...trying to explain clinical depression to my dad........... he's not going to "get it"
my two trips to Sonic for the best drink ever.

When I got back, I got "laid off" from my babysitting job. The dad got switched to PT and now, for now I am not needed. I really enjoyed sleeping in this morning,lol.

I tested for the 911 dispatcher job. It was a 2 hour, very long test. I think I did OK overall, but there was one part that I really sucked at. I sure hope they don't fire me already. I would really enjoy that job.

Anyway, back to a full 5 day work/school week. Reality.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

exciting news!

Joel's football team won the region championship. This has not occured in over 50 years, so our whole town is excited. The kids get championship rings, and someone is taking the whole team to disneyland,lol. A lot of whoopala over sports, I think, but neat for Joel.
I am exhausted, the game was in a city 3 hrs each way from me. I am pooped, just pooped I tell ya.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to the Phoenix Zoo to look at the new visiting stingray exhibit. I am looking forward to seeing that, and my new little nephew on his first trip to the zoo.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

not much going on here..............

I went to Joel's second to last football game friday. It was in Yuma, which is 3 hrs from where we live. That makes for a long, tiring day, but I really don't want to miss a minute of this.

Good movies on Lifetime today- wish I wasn't still tired from friday,lol. Every time I lie down to watch I doze off,lol.

Josh is playing in a paintball tourney today, waiting on the call to go pick my smelly boy up.

getting laundry done, dishes, more decluttering, setting myself up to scrap tonight...........

Having pizza for dinner, we have been missing our pizza fridays a lot because of football. Everyone is going to be home tonight for pizza, and maybe a movie.

Peace out...........

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Joel taught advanced diving to ONE student this summer,lol. Anyway, it was his favorite class to teach this year- here were some of the photos.
 Posted by Picasa

I love guiding light

I decided to blog about my fave ( well, it is the only one I watch) soap- The Guiding Light. Of course it is silly to watch these shows. But........ but......... but.......... I love it. I have been watching since I was 12 or 13. The Guiding Light is the longest running show of all time. It started on the radio, and has been on TV since the beginning of time ( ok, since the beginning of TV). My mom watched it w/ her mom, and then, I started watching w/ my mom. When my boys were small, I did not watch it, prolly for 5 years or so, but other than that I really try not to miss it, and now tape it if I am going to.
Some of the story lines are downright stupid, or actually even aggravating. I have cried at weddings, funerals, trials/sentencings and all, as if they were my real friends.
Some of my favorite charachters-
1. Phillip Spaulding ( grant alkesander) best all time - can not be replaced. I had a huge crush on him as a teen.
2. Reva Shayne Lewis- don't like what she is up to right now, but she's the best
3. Johnathan Randall- aka- the man I would leave my DH for. He is the hottest thing ever. 5 minutes.......... just please, let me have 5 minutes,lol.
4. Gus Ituro(sp) another hottie, if johnathan won't have me, well, I could settle for gus. Stay off the pills though buddy.
5.Josh Lewis- another great looking guy. I don't like his SL right now either, but usually love him.
I miss:
Maureen Bauer
and Phillip....... did I mention I miss him and think he is the best??

IRL- My exfreakingidiotbleepbleepbleep husband is an idiot. OK, carry on..........................

Thursday, October 12, 2006


There is a conspiracy going on. I am not sure how many are involved. There is a conspiracy against me getting 8 hrs of sleep. During the past week, each one of the members of my family, and even my pets have gotten together to make sure, that night after stinkin night- I don't get to sleep.
These cult like tactics have made me sooo crabby! I told the whole lot of them, that if I do not get a goodnights sleep tonight- I am going to a hotel!!
Not much new here- I am too tired to do anything exciting, or even keep up w/ stuff,lol

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the favorite things about my boys

likes himself and cares about what happens to him
makes friends easily and is a good friend
is loyal to me and to his brother
is good to animals
takes care of his own business, at school/work, etc.
likes people, has a genuine interest in them and what they have to say
stands up for what he believes in, even if it is not popular
is a huge part of his team, even though he is not the superstar. He always works the hardest. He is always happy for others when they do well.
is able to be honest about himself

is fun, and funny and reminds me to relax
loves animals
is loyal to me and to his brother
makes friends easily and is a good friend
is very very helpful
is very hardworking
is an awesome cook, and likes to try making and eating new things
he loves pillows and comfy squishy blankets
is very easygoing
is able to be honest about himself

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here are, as promised, some pics of my Sedona trip. This church is so beautiful, it is built into the red rocks of Sedona. We had lots of fun that weekend, shopping and eating, and best of all- resting. We had a great time in the hot tub, Josh worked out in the weight room at the hotel, too.

One funny story is about the "Blah Blah Guy". As we were walking around in uptown Sedona, we saw a guy who was sitting on a bench, playing a guitar. As we got closer, we could hear him. He was singing "blah blah blah........ blah blah deblah" As we walked away Joel said " I guess he doesn't have a lot to say" LOL.

Joel, who loves loves loves his cell phone was constantly checking his reception. He would announce " I get good reception here............. not so good here" It was funny, I guess, but it kinda drove me nuts.

These are some photos of the gorgeous landscape. When you are in Sedona, you are completely surrounded by mountains, and of the red rocks. People come from all over the world to see this beauty. It was kind of fun to hear all of the different languages people were speaking uptown. Joel was only impressed that his phone still had 3 bars of reception, even in the middle of this mountain. Josh and I just rolled our eyes and laughed. Anyway, it was a hoot and we hope to go back soon! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

still trying to find the bottom of the pile...............

I am starting to work on unloading some of my book collection on half.com. I really love books, but I am overwhelmed at how many I have, so I really don't look at any of them. Make sense??
Well, starting slow here, but you can find me at half.com, username teacherlisa2. I think the boys are going to sell some video games and we will be listing a ton of vhs tapes also, so keep checking back, if you would.

Things are going ok, I have made some decisions and I always feel better after I have made them, rather than being indecicive and having things up in the air.

The weather is cooling off, so I am enjoying some gardening time, and I have started walking. I am waay out of shape and a big huge wuss, but it is a start.

This picture is of Joel, my oldest, when he played football for the first time. He was a bit disappointed that it was only flag football, but, truth be told, I was pretty happy that it was.

Another new milestone happened this morning. I asked Joel to pick up something for me for the first time while he was in town. Big guy, growing up.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hanging in here

I am facing some tough decisions in my life right now, so if you have any spare good thoughts- send em my way- OK?
I am ok, I will be OK, I am just struggling a bit.

Friday, September 08, 2006

almost ready.........

for our weekend trip. I have to hit WM one more time, I decided to get a couple more rolls of film and some snacks for our room. My boys are like infants and need to eat every two hours you know,lol.

As for my goals, well, most did not happen,lol so on to next week!

I saw a great idea in CK a couple of months ago, think it was ali edwards, who put together a mini album before her vacation, and took it along. I am doing that for our day trip, and kind of excited about it. I used colors of the southwest, and die cut my own book covers and pages and tabs etc., at the LSS the last time I went.The kids of course think I'm nuts to make a scrapbook before we even have the pictures, but what do they know,lol.

I am trying to get the house clean before we leave, I hate coming into a messy house.

Guess while I am motivated I should get moving- I will post some great sedona landscape pics when I get back!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

looser blogger that I am

I seem to go in spurts, updating every day, but then disappering,lol.
I did complete all of my goals, which is funny, since I had veen feeling like a lazy butt who got nothing done.

My kids won their football games this week, pretty cool there.

We are planning a trip to Sedona next weekend. We have been needing a little time away, but with everyones' schedules, it has been impossible. I just told everyone we were going- make it work! I got us a really nice room, because we are going to be spending a bit of time at the hotel. Usually if we go anywhere, I get the cheapest room,cuz why pay all that money just to sleep. This time we are going to enjoy the room and ammeneties and just lie low, relax, or chillax as the boys would say. We are going to go on one hike ( ok slow walk,lol), visit Talaquapaqe ( not sure if I have spelled that correctly), which is a shopping center made to look like an old mexican building. They have lots of boutiques, fancy shops, more really for window shopping, but I love to look at work by local artists, and there are some really pretty places there I want to get pics of. Sunday morning we are going to head into downtown Sedona, which is lined with more shops and places to eat. We are mostly window shopping but Joel and I have some birthday money to spend,lol. I am hoping to get some nice landscape photos, too, the red rocks are gorgeous.

setting some goals for this week:

1.get to sams club and buy sheet protectors/get LO's in albums.

2. finish altering my planner, go to lakeshore for the laminating I need.

3.get that bookshelf organized and dusted.

4. get to work on the front planter instead of just writing it on my to do list,lol.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

goals for next week-

I need to get my potting area back in shape,after our last storm, and before our fall planting season starts next month.

I need to get some straw under my pumpkins.

I need to get my videos/dvds organized- they are really bothering me.

I have a basket of magazines I need to go through- and then, hit the used bookstore and goodwill w/ what I don't need.

I need to get my trunk organized- I have two football games this week and it is a PIT!

I started reorganizing my scraproom, but did not finish, gotta do that.

Friday, August 18, 2006


These are my thoughts on pain........

Pain is invisible . No one can see it. You can't "know" that the person in front of you in line, struggling w/ her purse, cards, pen- whatever, isn't experiencing intense pain with each movement. Give her a break.

Chronic pain can be depressing. I hurt somewhere every minute of every day. I am not complaining, I can still walk. Most days, everything works and I can get through. Most days, everything does not hurt, just something. But just knowing, that each and every day, something is going to hurt, and you really can't predict what is going to hurt, and plan ahead, can be depressing.

With that said, I handle myself, and my pain pretty well. I look on the bright side, do what I can, and try my best not to get upset at the things I can't do. I am getting better on allowing people to help me when I need it.

There are a couple of kinds of pain that I usually do not have, headaches and backaches. ( I know, Kristie, I thought of you when I started writing this,lol) If I have either of these, I crumble to pieces. I deal w/ worse pain, in my joints all the time. But a headache is just so- right there. You can't use a different joint, you can't adjust, the headache is there- all up front and in your face. It is a constant annoyance. And your back, well, it is holding you up,lol.

This morning I have a headache. I know what it is from, and I am embarrassed to confess it is from not drinking enough water. DUH! So I am working on it this morning, hopefully it will be gone soon. It is all in my face, if I had to be nice to people it might be difficult. I actually can see this headache in my eyes, so maybe not all pain is invisible.

Today is my run like a chicken w/ my head cut off day. Tonight is football.
Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


all my troubles seemed so far away.............................
Just kidding, well sort of. Yesterday, I took off and had a great and fun day. Went and cropped at the LSS, got some work done for some pages I am doing for someone- whew almost done there! Found some stamps I "had" to have as well as quote unquote 4. I love that series, and use them all the time now, that I am scrapping mostly teen picures, and well, they don't talk so I can't quote them.

Today, it is a snap back into reality. All of the stuff I do during the day- did not happen yesterday.IF anyone wonders what I do, well just look around today,lol.

So, today, I am going to get the house in shape, get some laundry done and hopefully get some time to scrap. I feel good, so hopefully that feeling lasts until it all gets done!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

boo hoo

School has been in session for exactly 5 days and I miss my kids already,lol. I have not, like I said in my last post, had any time to be bored, but I miss them.

I am babysitting in the morning before they go to school, so I don't see them off to school, my dh does. They come home from football tired and ready for bed. I am looking forward to this weekend, maybe I can catch up w/ them then.

I am going to my LSS tomorrow, I need some paper to finish up a job I have been working on, and then I am going to grab bagels from einstien bros ( yum if you have never had them) before coming home.

Good news, Savers is coming to my town! Savers is just about the best thrift store ever. Once a week they have dollar days, and so it just gets better! I am really looking forward to them coming, I try to visit their stores in PHX when I go.

We had a crazy storm last night, lost a tree and a window ( insert sad face here). It was pretty scary, lots of wind, hail, flooding. Joel and Josh were in one car, in town, and chris was in another. They were not able to make it and for awhile I did not have contact w/ them. It was scary!In the end, we replaced the window, everyone got home fine and the tree was cut up, and put in our burn pit. Could have been lots worse.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

speaking of football..............

I did this LO the other day, as many of you know, I am out of photos of my kids,lol.
I am doing a Book Of Me, and right now, this little cooler is a big part of my life. It gets carried more than my purse. It holds everything necessary for me to enjoy a football, baseball or paintball game. I even take it with me when I pick up the kids from school. They are thirsty and starving RIGHT NOW, and don't want to wait the 25 minutes until we get home. Sometimes they are on the run from one place to another, and don't have time to stop.

This cooler has made me the "cool mom" cuz I always have food and water for all the friends that my kids promise rides to. It is amazing what effect cold water and a little debbie snack have on a teenager.

Of course it is blue, my favorite color, and one of the kids' school colors. Of course my camera fits in the outside pocket. And, of course I had to buy different reusable ice products until I got just the perfect ones. Chris thinks I am sick, between the quest for the perfect cup, the perfect cooler and the perfect ice. Naaah, I just want what makes me comfortable. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

am I ready for some football?

not really,lol. It is still 105 outside at 5:15 and I have to leave soon for our first scrimmage game. I do look forward to it, because despite my last post, most of my social life revolves around my kids' sports.

We are expected to have a good season, which would be great since it is Joel's senior year. I blogged a bit about this last year, but our school has had loosing seasons for the last 40 something years, and that prompted a coach change ( ya think??) and a change to another region( meaning we play some different schools).

I do look forward to the photo opportunities as well,lol.

I am still waiting for a peaceful day, or a day where I get bored. Everyone keeps telling me that they are coming, w/ both kids gone all day.

I have had some time to scrap, and my decluttering mission is coming along, so maybe that is what is taking up my time. Now that Joel is driving I am not spending 4 hrs in the car anymore,lol.

The friend thing w/ Josh has sort of worked itself out, he is very busy w/ football, and thus other football players become your friends.Not saying that football players don't make mistakes, they are teenage boys, of course, but they have their head on the game, passing school etc.
That will take care of first semester,lol- we are going to have to take this a day at a time, especially since I have NO idea what I am doing here.

Well, hopping off of the computer is in order- I have a football shindig to get ready for.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

my fun night

So, last night, I was feeling lonely, and so very sorry for myself. I had wanted my kids to go to the zoo with me, and they bailed. I decided to go ahead and go alone. I headed out, and found that the road out of town was flooded out. I took the detour( 50 extra miles, ugh) and then, was on my way.
I got there a bit later than I had wanted to, but the animal talks that I did get to see were totally worth it. I learned all sorts of things about the animals that I did not know before.

After the zoo closes, I decide to go to karaoke. I love love love karaoke. I pick up a New Times magazine, choose a place and go there. ( New times is an alternative type paper. They make fun of the Arizona Republic, Sherriff Joe, and they love trash and scandals. However, they have the best listing of what is going on)

I get to the front door, and it looks scary. I hesitate to go in. I mean, I can always go home, go to my regular place, anything, but going into a scary looking place alone. I decide to go in. It was weird in there, but not scary. I order my usual ( diet coke in a small pitcher) and look for a karaoke book. I notice a few same sex couples, and start looking around just to make sure that there are some heterosexual people there- that I did not miss the memo,lol. Ok- whew there were.

The gal sitting next to me asks " Are you here w/ someone?" My stomach sank. I have no idea how to handle that situation. I do not want to offend, and I am so scared to say the wrong thing. God must have helped me out cuz I said that my dh was at home.

My impression was wrong, she was there alone also and just wanted someone to talk to. She was absolutely interested in all the guys in the place,lol. She turned out to be someone I have a lot in common with. She is also in education. She works on the reservation near my hometown. She is a great singer and enjoys karaoke as much as I do. We had a great time.

The place was full of interesting and fun people- I really enjoyed it. It was not really smoky, everyone was nice. I think I will head back there next weekend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

time to update

although, I am stumped on as to what,lol.

It is hot here- still making me feel like I am a sloth this year. I am still babysitting in the morning, which I'm sure does not help, but I really need to get over this unmotivated slothy fatigue I am having.

Joel had a ball at football camp.ha ha I made a funny. Anyway, it is his last year, so it was important for him to enjoy it.

Josh has been working hard at both jobs, and at getting a place on this semi pro paintball team.That means I have been working hard driving him everywhere,lol.

We are still working on the little trailer that Chris got as payment for an a/c job- it had been used as storage, and we are finding some treasures in there, and some garbage too,lol.I am actually excited about that project- maybe more can get accomplished as the weather cools.

My pumpkins sure enjoyed the rain- I can't wait for them to decorate my front porch this fall.

Maybe that is what I should do, start thinking of some fall crafts- that will help w/ my heat exhaustion,lol.Can't be hot while thinking of fall........

Thursday, July 20, 2006

we had a great time!

Up north. It was much cooler than home, only about 90 ( I know that still freaks some of you out,lol). We went into Flagstaff on Saturday, had lunch at my favorite place there- Bun Huggers, went to a home brewery supply place and bought a make your own soda kit. We are going to have some fun w/ that this weekend.

I did not go to the LSS there, even though I love it, because I was the only scrapper in the group. We did go to Bookmans ( my favorite used bookstore). I got a Guiding Light Family Album, which is a very cool thing. I will be able to fill in some blanks I have in the storylines.

Joel has been at Football Camp, he enjoyed it on his third and last year. He again went to the trout farm where you can catch fish with your bare hands. It is the highlight of his trip each year,lol. Now that he is back they are trying to cram a 30 hr week into 3 days for him since they are really short lifeguards at the pool.

Josh has been busy working, and "hanging out". He enjoys "hanging out" more than anyone I know. He actually calls it "chillax" or chillaxing. whatever.

I have been picking up school supplies, that time is just around the corner.

I have been struggling with fatigue and motivation lately. That did not used to be a problem for me, but lately I feel like just laying around watching tv. While I lay there I feel guilty. I think I need to get organized and get a few new projects going. It is sooooo hot here, I think that might be part of the problem.

speaking of motivation- off to get something done!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am going to head up north to my parents cabin this weekend!!! I am going to have to take my car ( I hate to drive, hate hate hate it) because Josh has to work later than my parents will want to leave, but it will be worth it!
I plan to take a ton of pictures because this is probably the last time I will be there before the rennovations begin.
There is a cool LSS in Flagstaff, I am going to try to visit, if I can swing that. I am going to take Josh to a cool resturant- Bun Huggers, and to a place that sells home brewery equipment. They have a kit that lets you make your own soda so I am going to pick that up while I am there. I had meant to get it for him for Christmas but ran out of time to get it.We will prolly also go to Bookmans ( used book/videogame/cd store) and a couple of other stores we like to hit- it is a college town, so lots of very hip places to go.
I am struggling w/ a choice I need to make right now. Josh has some friends who I believe are bad for him. I have always had the personal belief before that people need to learn how to make good choices regardless of the company that they keep. Sheltering, whatever you want to call it, is a disservice, because one day - boom you are in the real world and it is uncensored.
I had friends of all types, ones that made good choices, some that made bad choices. Despite them, I made mostly good choices for myself.
I am struggling because I can also see another side to this. Protecting Josh from himself, at this point- if he is not going to do it. But, that goes against what I have always believed. But what good are my beliefs if Josh, while in the company of this group makes some life altering decision. tough, this parenting of teens is- tough tough tough!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

scrapping sunday

I am scrapping my little heart out here in Maricopa,lol. I have a scrapping buddy who is quick on my heels w/ our challenges.

I am working on Chris' road to recovery album, from his heart surgery. It is a simple album, so it is going pretty quickly. I am not making a lot of the challenges though, because I am not using specific products.

I am cropping tomorrow irl with my friend vivian. It might be the last time we crop together ( sniff sniff) as she is headed back to her favorite state.

Think I am going to keep this entry short so I can get back to scrapping!

Friday, June 30, 2006

one of my top 5 worst days evah..............

Which I am not going to dwell on,lol. I am tired, crabby, overwhelmed and the whole 9 yards.

I am going to post about one of the most amazing acts of honesty and kindness that helped salvage the day.

I was at Super Walmart and drop dead tired. I was thinking about a problem I am having and how I should best handle said problem.

I loaded my groceries in the car and decided that I was going to head to panda express since I more than deserved a treat.

I get to panda express ( same parking lot as WM) and lo and behold I can not find my purse. I realize I left it on top of my car. DARN IT!

SO, I head back to my parking spot, after all, it had only been a minute. I searched and searched. No luck. I was devestated. I had a large amount of cash in it, plus all the stuff we carry in our purses that we do not want to lose. My ID had been stolen like 6 weeks ago and I was not looking forward to that whole thing again. Man, what a dummy I am.

I searched every sq. in of that parking lot and decide to go check at customer service. I am sure no one has turned it in, but I have to check,right?

Well, someone did turn it in. Everything is there. Every penny. Every card, every everything. I am so blessed. Good thing, since I can't be smart,lol.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I must be very boring.

Looks like I need to get involved in a love triangle or some other controversy to get readers/commenters.

LOL- ain't gonna happen here, I sorta like the boring life I have put together for myself. The less drama and controversy the better.

Todays mission, one that would bore most of you to tears, is to put two of my favorite cookbooks into sheet protectors and into a binder. They are falling apart and I am scared to loose any of the pages.

The cookbooks are "Make a Mix" and "More Make a Mix". They have wonderful recipes that help cut down time in the kitchen. Some of the mixes are similar to mixes you would buy in the store ( like a muffin mix or pancake mix) and some are just timesavers for main dishes and such. I like the time savings, the money savings and the " preservative" savings, since I know what I am putting in there. I am getting motivated to start using these books now!

This week I am looking forward to making some appointments and cropping w/ a friend.

It is hotter than heck here, so I am outside as little as possible, although we are enjoying the pool.

Have a great, non controversial day!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Josh has been sponsored! He has been working hard for this, and it has paid off. The hard work will continue, and it is not a free ride but it does help. ( This is for paintball, lol sorry to leave that detail out)
He is still working at the pool, and is successful! He has been asked to train someone else and feels an awesome sense of pride.
Joel is doing well too, and has not caused any car accidents that I am aware of,lol.
I have next week off from babysitting, I think I am going to get to work on some pages for hire that I have going on. The guys are asking when we can get to the zoo again, so we can see the other things we missed.
It is hot here- 115 and they are saying no one should go outside. I am listening,lol. My kids work outside though so they are experts on how much water a person should drink.( I taught them well,lol)
I know I am behind the times, but I got a coluzzle today, so I could cut expert circles. I love it! Finally something I can use that works-woo hoo!
Tomorrow I am going to cut circles and get a haircut!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

a day at the zoo!

We went to the zoo on Friday. We left the house really early so we would not get so hot, and to take advantage of the animals first waking up. So many animals that I had never seen doing anything but laying around, were moving and just being so entertaining.
The first picture is of the llama that Josh (in the black shirt) and his friend Chris ( green shirt- duh) befriended. They gathered leaves from outside the pen and passed them through. When there were no more leaves- the llama sort of grunted and then spit, yes SPIT all over Josh. EWWWW. That is why they are laughing though, boys are gross.
This next picture is of a new exibit where you are right in the enclosure with the monkeys. It was awesome, and I can't wait to get back to see more of their antics. We had a good breakfast ( josh had nachos,I had a hot dog,lol) and a good lunch there too, before we had to head home. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

summer and the livin is easy.................

so far,lol. I have spent almost no time in the car the last week and I have not been to town once,lol. Having a teenager w/ a drivers license is like that. I am starting to worry less than I was orignally, so that is good. He is going to drive to the city today so I am a bit nervous about that.

Josh is doing well, he likes his job at the pool.

Josh's friend tried to get him to quit but Josh stood his ground- something else to be proud of.

I am growing pumpkins and they now have their first flowers. This is pretty cool, hopefully we get lots of fun pumpkins to carve. Our tomatoes are doing great as well, they are so yummy!

It is getting hot here already, 110 this weekend. Our above ground pool is up so I might be able to start enjoying it. I am a HUGE baby about cold water( anything less than 80) and the temps are still dropping at night and the water doesn't have a chance to heat up.

Chris got his cpap machine, we are both sleeping a lot better. He wakes up bright and early now,lol- not sure that is a good thing but so glad he is not going to stop breathing or put stress on his heart with untreated apnea.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


20 lbs of bazzill. That is just what got dropped off at my house! I have been saving some of the cash I have been earning providing childcare and made a big purchase from createforless. They really had awesome customer service, I liked how the site is set up. I also picked up the foam stamps of rebecca sowers handwriting- too cool!
I am on another organizing frenzy in my scrap area. I am hoping someone has iris carts on sale this week- I need two more and am almost ready to break down and buy them at full price. I don't think I could actually do that, but I am getting tempted,lol.
School is almost out here, next Tuesday. I am sure looking forward to it!
The kids seem to like working at the pool. Josh is feeling a little overwhelmed because he is also working at the paintball course and still has school going on. I think he will be fine after school lets out.
I am going to go file some bazzill. ( Insert smilie face)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

what a cutie!

This is what Joel looked like 15 years ago on my second Mothers Day. That is a pudding cup and goodness knows if he got any to eat,lol.
Today, we went to brunch at L&B's, a not so local place, that has a nice Sunday Brunch. Both boys have to work today, Joel at the pool and Josh at the paintball field.
Tonight for dinner I think we are going to grill and play tripoly.
Now, I profess it is time for a nap! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 13, 2006

What is in...............

my fridge right now-

diet pepsi
sweet tea
( we get thirsty here in az,lol)
5 dozen eggs from my chickens
can of biscuts
shredded and block cheese and american too,lol- we also love cheese here

my purse-
I don't technically carry a purse, I carry a franklin covey planner, but inside is:
checkbook, debit cards, cash
grocery store game cards
scrapbook store cards
menu planner
day to day planning sheets
phone numbers/addresses

my car-
man, this is where I "live" almost so-
4 stadium seats
4 folding chairs
ice chest
tylenol, ibuprophen
one dose each of everyone in the family's medication
air freshener
sonic drink straw wrappers
change in a film container

Monday, May 08, 2006

my eventful morning

I have started providing childcare for a neighborhood family, in the mornings from 5-7 am. This morning, the bus was late, to pick up the oldest, which made me late ( one of the things I hate the most) and Joel almost late. Whew, everyone made it on time, thanks to help from Chris, my dh.

Then, I let Joel drive to school this morning, and we have this little deal. He needs to call me when he gets to his destination, so I can stop worrying. He does it, but doesn't really like it. Today, someone met him at his car, and he ended up forgetting to call me. I text messaged him, to ask if he made it. He did not respond, and 10 mins later, while freaking out, I call the high school campus.

I get a recording. I call back, and am trying another extention, when another call comes on. I answer, and it is Officer so and so from the such and such Police Dept. I turned pale ( according to DH) and almost fainted.

He starts talking about my identity theft case and I start laughing out loud. He thinks I am a weirdo, I am sure, but I could not help it. I explained it to him, and he laughed too.
While we were OTP, Joel text'ed me back and said he is fine, and sorry for worrying me.

My identity theft case is going ok. I have recieved all my money back from the bank, they are investigating and my local PD has transferred the case to the county sherriff since all the purchases were made online and out of the city.

Just got a call from Joel, he remembered this afternoon,lol.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Joels IVP procedure found nothing abnormal. He still has to complete the other tests, but that would show minor issues, if anything. So a big WHEW there!

I started babysitting in the mornings, and it is an adjustment for the whole big family! I have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 and everyone is used to being able to count on me here. We are going to need to have a family meeting and quick!

My debit card number was stolen, and it has really messed up my life,lol. The bank is doing the investigation, and I should know something soon. The police are really helpful, they say this is a "very prosecutable" crime. Geez, I hope so, it has been really a mess.

Joel is going to be a lifeguard this summer, and Josh was hired to be a cashier. He is having second thoughts, and I just am trying to encourage him to give it a try. I am getting discouaraged!

Well, gotta run!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

as the world turns

joel had a follow up visit tuesday, and here is what is next for him:
1) has to keep a food diary for 5 days- everything he ingests.
2) has to collect urine for a 24 hr period
3) has to have a IVP, a procedure that is a bit of a hassle,lol.
this weekend joel has to not eat any solid food, take laxatives. Then, monday he is going to be injected w/ a dye that will allow them to see the function of the kidneys.
Here's to hoping it is all just a big hassle and they don't find anything scary.

I have blogged about a friend that I have that can be frustrating at times. I love her still though, and the last time I was really frustrated, I decided that that is what was important, that she and I are friends, and over look our differences in parenting.
Let me back up a bit. About 4 years ago, she stopped taking my calls. She had her kids hang up on me, gave me lots of excuses about why she couldn't come to the phone, etc. I never had any idea what happened, and we had been friends for about 4 years, and I was heartbroken. I never mean to hurt anyones feelings, and if I find out that I have I apologize and try never to do it again. I felt I must have offended her, but could not for the life of me figure out why she would just stop talking to me.
Two years later, I got a letter from her. She said that she was so sorry she cut me out of her life, but that I was no fun. She was getting "bored" and all I wanted to do was stuff w/ the kids. She apologized. I went right to her house and told her it was fine and never brought it up again. We picked up right were we left off.
I was really hurt, and I never really told her that. I did not see a lot of good in going on and on about it after the fact. She apologized, I wanted to be her friend again, time to move on.
Now here we are 2 years later. She has done it again. I should not be surprised. I mean, our friendship did not mean crap to her before, why would I think it did now? Again, I have no idea if it is because I am too boring for her, if I offended her or what. This time however, I decided that it really is OK. I am not going to be heartbroken. She's nuts. She drives me crazy. I don't need that in my life anyway.
If, and that is a big IF, she does contact me in the future, it really won't matter. Like I said, she has never held our friendship in the same regard as I do apperantly. I could never trust her again. I don't need the constant take take take of our relationship anyway.
I am sad, like w/ a divorce, for the relationship that you dream of having, instead of the one that you have. I am sad that I am looking around and not seeing other friends,lol. I need to get out and make some.
Thanks for reading this big ol long thing,lol.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

whats new

wellllllllllllll, lets see.
Tuesday, Joel called me from school and said I should pick him up, he is sick. He has had perfect attendance for the past 3 years, and never, I mean, never likes to miss school.
I picked him up and took him to the doc.
The doc felt he has a viral infection, blah blah blah, wait it out, get better in three days, drink water.
He went to school weds, did fine, played baseball- whole 9 yards.
Thursday at 230 am, he wakes me up, pain is horrible, he needs to go to the ER. Wow- I have never had to take joel,lol.
So, off we go. He is sleeping in the waiting room. We meet w/ the triage nurse and, I know he is in extreme pain, he is agitated and unable to concentate. He insisted to her that he has chest pains. She asked to point to where it hurts, and he pointed at his belly. She felt it was is appendix.
He gives a urine sample, and a blood sample.The urine had blood in it, and the blood test came back normal. After about an hr, we are back in a room.
They give him an IV, get him comfy, and we wait. We were now at about the end of a shift
( thank GOD!) and so we had to wait for new people.
The new doc and nurse were much improved,lol. Joel had an xray and eventually a cat scan.
They felt he had a kidney infection and another condition that looks like the appendix but is really swollen lymph nodes, and is equally painful, but benign.
We go home, and Joel, who heard no restrictions, heads back to school.
The next day, Joel's pediatrician calls, to say that the urine culture does not show infection, so there is something else going on.Could be that he passed a kidney stone, could be a kidney not functioning properly, who knows, at this point. We see Joels doc on Tuesday, for another urine test, and new plan of action.
Josh has been a busy guy, working at the paintball course. Lots of hours this week. He is also hoping for a summer job at the pool, so he can say " I have two jobs"- he thinks he is hilarious when he says that,lol.
This weekend is a fun, but busy one too.
Joel has a recertification class for lifeguarding, and Josh is going to work both days. I am going to try to squeeze some scrapping in, but this house is a wreck! I got behind while Joel was sick and I was tired from being at ER.
We are going to do something different this year, for easter, out of necessity. With Josh being gone all day, we are going to have our easter egg in the dark, with flashlights. The guys are looking forward to that!

Monday, April 10, 2006

thankful for

-Sonic drinks

-scrapbooking, and time to enjoy it

-the memories I have made so far

-my kids

-my kids' friends, and their familes, who treat my kids so well when they are there. I am so thankful for that help.

-my parents- they are still there for me, all the time, no matter what

-my health. I know, there is a lot of pain in my joints, and my meds have side effects. But all 4 of us lived through today, and prolly will tomorrow. There have been so many posts on a message board I frequent, with serious life threatening problems. I have been there, with my DH, but for today, I will be thankful for my health.

-for my oldests ds's sense of responsibility and loyalty. No one could ask for a better friend. He makes sure all of his teamates have rides home, do not need to use the phone, or need anything to eat. He makes sure everyone has equipment and uniforms. He often is too busy caring for others to care for himself.( who is that like,lol)

-for my youngest ds- that he makes sure we all have a laugh at least once a day.He does not let us forget to live our life, instead of planning the day away.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I am now, finally, getting off of the pot.

I decided today, to use the effort that I have been using to attempt to get along w/ my ex, and solve our issues w/o involving attorneys and courts, and use it to find a good attorney and take care of business.
I did not want to have money interfere with my kids relationship w/ their dad. At this time, there is no relationship, so I might as well have some money,lol.
I decided that instead of wasting time trying to talk to him, I would use that time to get my reciepts and notes in order and go to court.
I will win, I am right. It does not make it any less sad, and any more what I want. It is, however, what it is.
Joel is driving now, and every time he drives, I get so sick to my stomach with worry. I am doing a little better now, I know it takes 20 minutes to get home from town, so I only worry after 20 minutes,lol. Last night he was home before I could start really worrying, so hopefully I am on the right path.
So here I am, no kids to take anywhere, no where I have to rush off to,and I have NO clue what to do w/ myself.I better get a life.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I am a native arizonan. I have heard all my life about sunburns, sun damage and skin cancer. I am a freak when it comes to my kids wearing sunscreen.
Yesterday, however, I spent 5 hrs in the sun, w/o sunscreen and have a really bad sunburn. I have a fever and I feel so sick from it.
The good news is my son's baseball team won both of those baseball games. YEAH!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

q is for

quack- a happy sound I hear each day.They great me in the morning, when I come and go from the house. I know they think they need to be fed, and that is why they are quacking, but I pretend that they like me,lol.
qvc- I love to watch the kitchen and craft shows.
I suck at q even worse than P,lol.

Joel got his drivers license Thursday. Wow. I have some stuff journaled about my feelings about him walking out of the door at MVD and getting in the car w/ a stranger, and him behind the wheel. It really freaked me out. He did well (98 out of 100). I haven't let him drive anywhere else alone yet,lol. I am going to have to get over this.

Josh is working tomorrow, and has started a little business building custom paintball gun stands. I am going to have to post a picture, he is a pretty smart guy.

Friday, March 17, 2006

P is for

2peas- still like it there. not as homey as LM, but the boards move fast.
peas. I like them.
pillows- two under my head and one in between my knees.
python- we have a ball python

man, this alpha stuff is hard work,lol.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

its that time of year again

Busy with baseball season!Joel had 5 games last week. That is unusual,lol so every week won't be like that- thank goodness.
We had a substantial amount of rain yesterday. Our state had gone 143 days w/o any rain, and yesterday sure made up for it. We had a lot of rain, and wind in the morning. The wind subsided in the afternoon, but it was still raining when I went to bed. I was worried about being able to get out of my drive in the afternoon but I was indeed able to.
An update on my situation w/ my sister: She is pretending like nothing happened. That has worked for her in the past. She is often annoying, and I have always let it go before. This time,she really crossed the line. I can't just pretend that she didn't say all of that stuff. I am probably going to have to clarify my position on that because she ignoring /disrespecting the fact that I don't want to talk to her,lol.
I have a small scrapping job, and I have been busy with that too, lately. I did several LO's yesterday during the storm. I have a couple left but I am going to have to hit the LSS for some materials before I do them.Since I am in the scrapping mood I am going to scrap some current pics of my own. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

a vent/whine

warning you now,lol.
My sister and I had an argument today, that was very very hateful and sad.
My sister and I fought as young girls. I am the oldest, by 3 years. I did not like fighting w/ her then, and I have always done my best to avoid it now that we are adults.
We are very different. I am ok w/that. She really has never been ok w/ that. She believes there is one right way, everything is black and white.I almost always just listen to her and just go ahead and do what I want,lol. I respect her right to have her opinions and her life the way she wants it. If she is judgmental of me, I just shrug and realize it is most likely ignorance on this issue/topic whatever. My poor parents listen to me vent, and just tell me she does not understand real life.
Anyway, today we had a really bad fight. One I am not sure I will ever get over. I can not imagine ever speaking to her again. When I have heard other people say that I always thought they were dramatic. After all, family is way too important to hold grudges.Not talking about abusive or extreme situations, but in cases where family members offend one another. I now see that maybe people are just protecting themselves.
The issue is not important. I was disappointed and concerned about something, and I called her to tell her. She fired back w/ insults, you know, not just "You ugly fat lady"lol but deep, right through the heart insults. The very things she knew would hurt the most. She hurled insult after insult at me. Then she started hurling them at one of my boys. That is when I yelled over her(we were otp) and told her I was done, that I was never going to talk to her again.
I am so sad. We have never been close. We are so different, and I do not like how she treats my parents. I have always longed for a close relationship with her. I tried for a long time, years, to build one. I know that this is not the same as loosing a dh or if we had been close, but I am oh so sad, just sad.
I do not give any merit to her insults. For one, I doubt very seriously she meant them. Two, they are just baseless and untrue. But still, she was way out of line to say them, and I do not see me being able to forget hearing those words come out of her mouth. Her DH called right after and apperantly my sister feels that my saying I never want to speak to her again is the ultimate insult that trumps all insults. Cool. Fine, think that. Maybe it is.
Maybe I can't listen to all her other insults anymore. Maybe I do not want to hear about how she is using my parents anymore. Maybe I don't want to hear how she would never allow her kids to eat what mine do. Maybe I don't want to hear that she does not want to hang around me because of my ill mannered kids. Maybe I don't want to hear how if I want a sister to check w/ my sil. Blah blah blah, sorry, if you are still awake- thanks!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

worms, worms, worms

Dianna, cover your eyes now!
Everyone else can read along.
I have been getting a worm bin set up for awhile, and looking for the cheapest place to get my little guys. Today was the day. I ordered a pound of red wigglers, and will have them next week. Then they can start composting for me, to help get a great garden going!
I would actually like, in time, to build a business. Lets see if I am still saying that in a few months,lol.

Monday, February 13, 2006

p is for poopy butthead

quick story, one night my 2 ds's, my ex and I were out to dinner ( we were together at the time,lol) and waiting for our food. Josh was 3, Joel was 4. Josh kept getting into stuff, and picked up a steak knife. I took it away from him and handed him a spoon. He looks at me, with a really mean look, square in the eye and says " Poopy Butthead". I know, I am supposed to be shocked, after all, where did he hear that? I did not use that type of language. I was supposed to be mad, after all, how disrespectful! But both his dad and I started laughing hysterically, as did the two tables next to us. The name kind of stuck, and when someone is really mean, we call them a poopy butthead.
For the next few days, I am going to blog about my ex. I try very hard to be a good person, not judge others, blah blah blah. I do not share my feelings about my ex w/ my kids, for obvious reasons. I do not share them often w/ my dh because he gets upset since I am upset. The last time I tried to talk to my mom she says " well, I think you still love him since he makes you angry." Uh, no mom, I am angry about what he does/does not do w/ and for the boys.
He swooped down on us Saturday at 5. I use the word swoop because he just disrupts everything. He does not call first, then expects them to be ready in an instant. He has expectations on their apperance that we just don't have here. They are teenagers and I usually let them decide what to wear/how to do their hair.
He refuses to tell me where they are going. I am the only custodial parent. I do not think that he puts them in physical danger or anything like that. I just think it is strange when I ask" So what are you guys going to be up to?" that he says " None of your buisness"
He also does not like to tell me when he will be bringing them back. That is frustrating.
I honestly might not be as upset as I am but for the fact that he left, and did not contact them in any way for more than 4 years. When he came back into their life, it was because his dad ( a wonderful man) passed away. It was at his funeral, that Joel and Josh found out that their dads GF had had another child w/ someone other than their dad and that he was raising that child as his own. What a kick in the teeth eh?
We are in a current disagreement, and last night when I tried to discuss it w/ him he hung up on me twice. He had said many untrue and negative things about me to my ds's on this last visit. It created a lot of drama over here- drama I do not need. When I called him, I simply asked him to let me know if he has any issues w/ me, rather than putting me in a negative light w/ the boys. That is hurtful to them, and even if he is mad at me I am sure he does not want to hurt them. Well, he hung up, after calling me names ya know? great, just great. The only good thing is karma. He is going to have some bad karma here,lol. All the years that he was missing, I told the boys that their dad loved them and was doing his best. It got to the point that the boys even resented me for saying that, since they knew he wasn't really doing his best. I had to stop defending him, but never once did I say anything bad about their dad. I did/do not do that for him, I do it for THEM.
anyway- more tomorrow

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

o is for ooooops!

I hit enter waaay too soon,lol.
O is for-
omgosh, people really are reading this?
oatmeal- love it
old- you are only as old as you feel. I feel 90.
oranges- I did not like oranges until I was an adult.
obey- I obey laws and rules even if I think they are dumb. I am waaaay to chicken to get into trouble.
obligation- I am working on not feeling obligated to do a bunch of stuff for a bunch of people who a) should be doing it for themselves, and b) that I really don't feel like doing.
obscene- I usually do not swear, if I do, it is for a dramatic effect.
omlettes- I like ham and cheese.
oven-I do not use my oven a lot- I like to use other gadgets, my crockpot, roaster, indoor grill.

O is for........

Monday, January 23, 2006

N is for

nutjob- one of my favorite words. Anyone who is being goofy is a nutjob.
Nikki- one of my online friends
Navy- my favorite color
nuts- I like pecans best
nesco- I love my nesco roaster
news- I like to watch the news, keeping myself informed on what is going on around me.
Neil- one of my favorite preschool students ( we were very attatched,lol). I wonder how he is now.
new- I like thrift stores and such, but there are just some things that we need to buy new.LOL

Thursday, January 19, 2006

M is for..........

My online friend Mely- she is the one who no matter what will tell me I am right, never judge me, she even gets madder for me than I do if things are not right,lol.
My online friend Melissa- she makes me want to get in my car and drive to her hometown, so so sweet!( she also helped me think of M words,lol)
my online friend Miranda- ubber talented and also just too sweet.
Mocha- My girl, my puppy
mocha- a really good drink,lol. I am into peppermint mochas now.
money- need some,lol
mad- try not to get too mad, doesn't do anything for my ugly mug or my health.
music- I love country music, I play flute and guitar.
meat- chicken is my fave
memories- I love photos, scrapbooks, videos. I love telling the stories of my youth and the present day.
major- I was an early childhood education major.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. paper girl
2. shampoo girl in a hair salon
3. early childhood educator

Four movies you would watch over and over
1. I think my name is Steven
2. just about anything on Lifetime,lol.
Four places you have lived:
1. phoenix az
2. glendale az
3 maricopa az

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. fort atkinson, wisconsin
2. disneyland
3. oceanside california
4. few cities in texas
everyone I know has been tagged,lol so this is just a freebie.
Four websites I visit daily:
LM, 2peas, homesteading today, blogs
Four of my favorite foods:
1. pizza
2. onion rings
3. tangelos
4. cheese
Four places I would rather be right now:
I like being right here at home, and I am not here often enough.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

L is for

Lisa, my name,lol.
LOL- I think this is my most typed phrase, I am always LOL.
Love- love is all you need, love is in the air, love is all around, all you need is love, and the greatest is love, loves the only thing that there's just too little of................
Life- I like my life. It's hard, but I like it.
Late- I do not like it if I am running late, I get a stomach ache and headache. I do not like it when others are late either, I view it as disrespectful.
Lace- I am not a fan of lace, no girlie girl here.
Lifetime Moments- a message board where I hang.
Left out- I try hard to include everyone. Everyone has something to offer. I don't "like" everyone, I can't help everyone, but I work really hard to be good and kind to everyone I meet. Like I said earlier, life is hard. I am not here to make it harder on anyone or judge them.

Friday, January 06, 2006

k is for

kristiegk- an online friend I have been chatting w/ for 3+ years
kristie- an irl friend that we are just really starting a friendship- a year or so maybe now?? we have a lot in common
krispie kreme-only the best donuts, gotta love maple longjohns
koala bear-I had a koala stuffed animal as a girl and wanted to have one irl when I grew up. I had a whole plan about how I was going to go to the san deigo zoo and steal one, and get it home,lol.
karaoke- If I go out it is my favorite thing to do
kids- I have 2, I always wanted three, but after days like today I am glad it was just 2,lol
kind- I work hard at being kind to others. This year I am working at being kind to myself.

Monday, January 02, 2006

J is for

Joel-my oldest ds, currently 16.
Joshua- my youngest, currently 14.
Jethro- my oldests first dog
Jellybeans- I like black the best.
Java, Joe- I like coffee flavored stuff, but not coffee itself.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I is for..........

ice cream-I love ben and jerry's new york super fudge chunk. I like blue bells moolenium crunch too, and plain ol vanilla.
ice- my favorite is sonic ice, and for at home I like my water and ice stores half cube.
iguana- I used to have an iguana. They are really neat but hard to care for properly. I was not up to it,lol.
iron- I really dislike ironing
italian food- Ahhh one of my favorites. Pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, chicken cacciatore, lasagna, it is alllllll gooooood.