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I was a preschool teacher for almost 20 years. I had lots of wonderful experiences. I have now been a 911 dispatcher for 6 yrs now.I love animals,small towns, good food ,karaoke, baseball and walking around our local zoo. Makes me feel at home,lol. I live and breathe scrapbooking and my two adult sons. They really are what is most important in my life.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

oops............ here I am.........

I did write a post right before thanksgiving, and who knows where it went,lol. Anyway, here's what's up.
We went to Munds Park ( 20 miles south of Flagstaff) for the Thanksgiving holiday. We left right after Joel got out of school on Wednesday and stayed till Sunday. It was a glorious wonderful time. I really enjoyed the rest!
There were, of course a few tense moments. We had my parents, my sister, her husband and baby, and the three of us. Add 5 little dogs to the mix and you can imagine........... There were people and animals everywhere.
Some stuff I never want to forget:
The AH-HA moment my mom and I had...........
The fishing time my BIL spent with my guys.
Saturday afternoon, on the couch for hours with my mom watching Lifetime Movies.
My AH-HA moment while watching When A Man Loves A Woman.
Taking my mom and sister to the LSS in Flagstaff.......... and my mom deciding that she is sure she will never scrapbook because she would never have any extra time or money. ( LOL, yep, that's about right)
Cooking the usual Sunday breakfast...... Biscuts and Gravy
...trying to explain clinical depression to my dad........... he's not going to "get it"
my two trips to Sonic for the best drink ever.

When I got back, I got "laid off" from my babysitting job. The dad got switched to PT and now, for now I am not needed. I really enjoyed sleeping in this morning,lol.

I tested for the 911 dispatcher job. It was a 2 hour, very long test. I think I did OK overall, but there was one part that I really sucked at. I sure hope they don't fire me already. I would really enjoy that job.

Anyway, back to a full 5 day work/school week. Reality.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

exciting news!

Joel's football team won the region championship. This has not occured in over 50 years, so our whole town is excited. The kids get championship rings, and someone is taking the whole team to disneyland,lol. A lot of whoopala over sports, I think, but neat for Joel.
I am exhausted, the game was in a city 3 hrs each way from me. I am pooped, just pooped I tell ya.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to the Phoenix Zoo to look at the new visiting stingray exhibit. I am looking forward to seeing that, and my new little nephew on his first trip to the zoo.